August 30, 1998

California Jaguars  4 - 0  Seattle Sounders
Salinas, CA

38' CAL: Anderson
55' CAL: Randazzo
74' CAL: Gonzalez
84' CAL: Randazzo

CAL: Gregorio Guzman (85' Rafael Santiago); George Beris, Andy Eyer, Andres Virgen, Bemordino Hernandez (76' Oscar Andalon), Mustapha Anderson, Carlos Moreno, Alvaro Mercado (80' Jesus), Adrian Gonzalez, Santiago Aguilera (83' Joel), Ranco Randazzo. Michael Chiaramonte also entered as a substitute.

SEA: Dusty Hudock; Bernie James, Jason Annicchero, Scott Jenkins; David Hoggan, Fabian Davis (73' Neil Megson), Brandon Prideaux (37' Paul Gelvezon), Dick McCormick; Peter Hattrup, Mark Baena (14' Kei Kinoshita), Erik Storkson (52' Ian Russell).

Match report from Ron Stickney, based on the radio broadcast on KOL-AM 1300:

The California Jaguars thoroughly embarrassed the visiting Seattle Sounders by a score of 4-0. In two previous matches against the makeshift Jaguars, who turned over their roster to cut costs early in the season, Seattle had outscored them 17-1. For California, Mustapha Anderson scored from Adrian Gonzalez' cross for the halftime lead. In the second half Franco Randazzo added a pair of goals and Gonzalez scored one.

Perhaps Seattle were overconfident, having done well of late. Perhaps they were hurting for forwards, as Patrick Beech was on the injured list, Mark Baena limped off at 14' with an ankle injury, and Erik Storkson played with a heavily wrapped thigh. Ian Russell came on in the second half for Storkson and took some of Seattle's best shots, but none were good enough. Seattle have no more forwards, having cut Jamaican Kevin Lamey early in the season after he played just a few matches.

First Half

California took the first shot 3 minutes in and the rebound sat in the area until Brandon Prideaux cleared it. Baena took Seattle's first shot at 5' when he chipped just wide of goal. Two minutes later Baena had to be tended to on the field, and at 14' he limped off to be replaced by Kei Kinoshita. The Sounders would miss their leading scorer. Then at 37' Prideaux left, still dazed from an elbow to the head earlier in the match, and Paul Gelvezon came on.

38' Anderson (Gonzalez). California goalkeeper Gregorio Guzman sent a free kick up to Gonzalez, who crossed to Anderson. Anderson beat goalkeeper Dusty Hudock to open the scoring.

Seattle took 10 shots in the half, but without Baena they couldn't score.

The match was a rough one, as coach Megson expected. Late in the half Jason Annicchero had to leave temporarily to get a bloody head bandaged up. Five yellow cards were issued, a pair to Seattle's assistant coaches for complaining and three to California, including two for rough play.

Halftime:  California  1 - 0  Seattle

Seattle and California each took 11 shots the second half, but California's were more accurate.

55' Randazzo (Aguilera). Santiago Aguilera beat Scott Jenkins to earn a cross and Randazzo finished it for the insurance goal.

A minute later Russell, just on for Storkson, came close for Seattle, heading Gelvezon's cross on goal and forcing a good save from Guzman. Gelvezon soon fed another chance to Russell, who couldn't trap the cross.

Randazzo nearly scored again after beating Jenkins to get a shot, but he hit the post. Jenkins lost the ball to give Bemordino Hernandez a shot that was sent just over.

74' Gonzalez (unassisted). With Seattle pushing forward to try to score, Gonzalez took the ball up the open middle starting at the halfway line. He beat sweeper Bernie James, then beat Hudock to the lower right corner and the rout was on, 3-0.

84' Randazzo (Chiaramonte). Michael Chiaramonte, on as a 2nd-half substitute, crossed the ball in the air and Randazzo headed it in for the final score of 4-0.

Final:  California  4 - 0  Seattle

The final match of the regular season is at Vancouver September 7. The Sounders are arranging a bus trip for the Vancouver match on Labor Day. Call the Sounders office right away at 800-796-KICK if you are interested, as the office is saying that you must sign up by Monday, August 31.


Shots: CAL 15, SEA 21
Saves: Guzman 6, Santiago 1; Hudock 4
Corners: CAL 3, SEA 5
Fouls: CAL 26, SEA 9
Offside: CAL 0, SEA 6

6' Hoggan (SEA) cautioned for something he said
19' Moreno (CAL) cautioned for delaying a Seattle free kick
21' Mercado (CAL) cautioned for violently fouling Hattrup
40' Annicchero (SEA) cautioned
41' James (SEA) cautioned
46' Chiaramonte (CAL) cautioned
50' Aguilera (CAL) cautioned for fouling Jenkins
72' Virgen (CAL) cautioned for holding Russell