2003 May 9

Translated from Boden's Swedish article, with the help of online translators (and a tip of the hat to whoever invented those things):

O'Brien a performer as am matching Kiosk

Now is BBKs latest accretion in troop, Leighton O'Brien, finally in place and he has already reach make two training sessions with layer. Behind tonight drill on Birch was matching home page on that poll one couple text with midfielder.

Welcome to Kiosk, Leighton. What fancy yous if your two first training sessions with layer?
- It has wherein bump. Two good drill and the is beautifully that poll be of with few jetlag.

Tell few if your career as football player.
- I have act college football and now as professional football player in 5-6 year. Now am seeing self and mine family really underline anti a treat here in Kiosk.

Leighton had olds act for San Joseph, San Diego, Seattle, Milwaukee and Sacramento, all clubs in America. This am becoming thus the first foreign club for American-Irish O'Brien.

How would you describe yourself as performer, have you transfer ex any boost?
- Self is a ball holder as had force in attention game. Self am attempting always that impart 110% and am attempting always that think quickly on banana.

How am arriving the themselves that yous as American was bending act American football?
- Self is born on Eire and mine father feigned as professional football player there. He did one couple internationals, so in our family is American football popular.

What know yous if Kiosk? Have you reach collapse about in stance still transfer ex?
- Self lived on Kiosk in January and fancy the interacts be one of nice petty town. Human beings interacts nice, but self know nots especially very otherwise. Self am arriving yet film school me very.

What know yous if the Swede league in public?
- Any of they major clubs in the premier league feels self to, but otherwise know self nots as much as. The am becoming bump that learn if layers and its stories.

Is the still game in an major club in Europe as is till superb meal?
- Self am believing that all football players shall gamble on so high level as possible, but currently focus self on Kiosk.

Have you reach stage any prevalence meal for season still?
- With layer shall self gain matches. Whenever self appearing on devices shall self gain, although the nots always am becoming so when matches is ends. Personal hope self on that hold a place in starting eleven.

Have you any interests off target American football?
- Self favour travel, so the am arriving catch on bump treat in this town Sweden. I have never wherein in this component of the world entrance I came to Kiosk. The am becoming bump travel about to matches.