2003 Oct 18

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Passing genius is best in county

LULEĆ. It was a tread American from Eire as go to Sweden for that search fortune. One half-year later had Leighton OŽBrien depositing heal Norrbotten for his feet. Tomorrow shall year's football player in county save left Bodens BK in Super One League.
- Self is convince if that we am fixing, says he.

"I had act better and better why inferior season had gone." Punctuality is a virtue, so also for Leighton OŽBrien. He is in place any minutes ahead declared term, he reaches underline fist and says "nice to meet you."

But is nots courtesies or punctuality as had done that NSD's sports journalist had nominate Bodens' Leighton OŽBrien to year's best football player in county.
- Whys self...? Hmm...ours question. But maybe for that I have act better and better why inferior season had gone. That self maybe had way decent even and somewhat high level wonder season...but self know why not absolutely safe...haha.

Himself insight is nothing fault on.

Nor fortune over that poll receive Norrbotten's fine football distinction.
- Is a truly grand glories that become nominate to year's performer. That become select to yourself journalist is of course one symbol on that husband had done anything good. Self is really grateful for the fine distinction, says OŽBrien and am seeing almighty proud out. It has gone almost precise one half-year sedan American, with roots on Eire, feigned its first game with Bodens in Super One League.
- A tough take-off able husband serene say. I came almost direct from aeroport to away match anti Norrköping and indeed barely appellation on remember team comrades. An awful achievement from mine page. But when we met Norrköping housewife was going very better.

Then stayed the heal 5-0 to Bodens, and Leighton OŽBrien each devices king.

So has it also continued. OŽBrien had wherein of Bodens important performer and maybe the most creative.

Be doing fine in a suitor role.
- I have gotten a suitor role on centrefield, which self naturally favour. I have done few multi meal and self sheep out much more of midst game. Self favour that had very ball, and make anything good with this. Initially knew myself that self low far down in banana, am declaring OŽBrien and am developing one's mind.
- As fresh in layer would self nots say was I preferred that act devoid self feigned there am training seated me. But he noticed welfare also behind one pull that self did more utility in a more offensive role.

Five meal, nine goal assists and positive criticism behind almost all matches. It sounds good as a good season?
- Well...self is content with midst game. Self fancy herself that I have deployed exceedingly very wonder heal season. For every game feel as if I have improved midst game, says OŽBrien at the same time as he am grabbing a chew of lunch.

He am grabbing a draught soft drink, muse one pull and says sedan:
- We should naturally had multi grade. But husband must contemplate that is first year for Bodens in Super One League. Self fancy that we have done a damn good achievement. Is many performer as had deployed exceedingly very.

Conversation am sliding in on fate match anti Falkenberg. Leighton OŽBrien am declaring that it has markedly on weeks drill that is somewhat large in drawing close.
- All know that this matches tin be the most important on heal season. Self fancy that we have good chances. Partly for that we am acting on at home field, partly for that is we as had lead in tables. Is Falkenberg as must chase ourselves nots abrupt, am meaning OŽBrien, as at the same time able make its ultimate at home match on Björknäsvallen.
- Self know that Bodens shall had me left, but self know really nots if self am acting here next season. It has wherein a fantastic term here but how am becoming in the future know self really still nots.

So the declines ate that you am delivering Bodens?
- Hmm...self able very well think me that act here further a season. But naturally sift self up, with game in an upper gang, either in Sweden or out in Europe. All performer as shall mend shall naturally sift on that act in the supreme league.

OŽbrien if...
...that product take up residence in Norrland.
- We be doing fine really altogether excellent. Sweden is one favourably people and both self if mine wife favour that nest here. Is as one few adventure, that poll come by this component of Europe feel only wholly wondrous.
...all died as arises for one full-time pro.
- Ours daughter is only one year, so it gets me much more term than what husband am believing that have a baby. She am holding ourselves always busy.
- Moreover is we very out and am going on stance and in park. Somewhat often is we also on library and am reading magazines from home.
...communication in dressing room.
- It was badly initially when self precise arrived here. Almost all in layer chat Swede heal terms. But now is quite differently. Now is several as am speaking English and even humorist on English.
...the sensitive right foot
- I have always exercised on midst put thorough up and that shoot free kick. When I was younger stood self left behind training and was training at that. Do self really still.

Fact OŽBrien

Born: 14 Mar 1976.
Ought: Apartment in central Luleć
Family: Madam Lamanda (poison themselves in last summer) and daughter Bella, 1 year.
Am eating rather: All Italian food, deed pasta.
Am listening on: U2, they is of course also from Eire...
Am reading: USA Today
Mother club: San José
Second clubs: San Diego, Seattle and Bodens.
Favourites: Liverpool, although they nots is equal good as olds.
Favorite player: Zinedine Zidane.
Best opponent: USA's national team player Lendon Donovan.
Best too player: Luchi Gonzales.
Qualify: Nominate to year's performer in the American second league.
Current: Had of NSD's sports journalist become nominate to year's football player in Norrbotten