2003 Sep 25

Translated from Boden's Swedish article, with the help of online translators (and a tip of the hat to whoever invented those things):

Gregor Trial Play for BBK

Wonder the Wednesday was landing still a performer for sample in Kiosk. This gangway am acting the if American centrefielder Second Gregor from Seattle Sounders, club as BBK borrowed Leighton O'Brien from.

Gregor had 10 days on themselves that overawe BBK- cord and the is very possible that he able poll supersede Leighton O'Brien on BBKs centrefield unborn season then the instructed interest from Swedish Premier Division clubs for O'Brien.

The soon 28- peppery Second Gregor occupy one shot passport, which imply that he nots should list any nots- EC place in troop. Wonder 2002 did Gregor nine meal and three assistance on 25 matches for Seattle and togs out to this year law in league. He has qualify from MLS, supreme league in America, there he draftades in second double of Columbia Crew and feigned 10 matches for Crew 1998 and note for two assistance on they matches.

Wonder this year season had Gregor act 25 matches and on these done seven meal and seven assistance. He is with his 2280 feigned minutes the as act after most in this year Seattle Sounders.

National team qualified has he also then he feigned in USAs U20- agrarian 1992-93 and feigned also in USAs bronze wide Universiaden ( as able resemble wide one OS for student) 1997. What sheep then latter American to Kiosk?

- I have chat few with Leighton as he is a good deal friend to me and he has spoke welfare if club. The interacts be one of good ways to that come by a upper level, says Gregor.

Know yous anything if club?
- Nots direct. I have collateral on home page, but it was on Swede so self did not comprehend as much as. I have most looked on players, each they is away and each they act olds.

If Swede American football know he a bit, bl a so has he olds met IFK Gothenburg Mamadou Dialect in MLS. Home page bath also Leighton O'Brien that tell few if Second Gregor and about he said if its olds team comrade:

- He is a good performer at a good put thorough up, good technique and good passing game. He is definitely good enough for that act in Kiosk.