2004 Jan 10

With the help of web-based automatic translators, for your amusement, from the Norssbotten Kuriren:

O´Brien clear – then sift Boden on Shake up dull

A of BBKs: important build stone had case in place.

In am going did Boden clearly with Leighton O´Brien.
– Self is very jolly that poll get back. The feel exciting and self am believing on a top place, says he.

And the able come multi America-importer to BBK. Center back/midfielder Steve Shake up had orally bar yes.

In two month had BBK am working elbow grease with that solve midfield star Leighton O´Brien also for next season. In am going arrived acknowledgements on that American am arriving back for game in BBK and Superettan.

O´Brien am arriving yet that miss opening match as he take here on artist treasure.
– The is a balance among the sporting and economic. But a game is nothing. The is situation behind they second 29 matches as am determinating, ascertain am training Lars Swede, as also is convince if that O´Brien will become than still better performer next season.
– He shall to Allsvenskan – and then must he up a level. He know whatever asserted for. Last year stayed he better and better as. The dealt a good deal if accommodation, am continuing Swede.

Herself is O´Brien very content and discloses that aim for BBK that become one tops in Superettan was overthrowing decision. He has not had any second offer from Sweden. Thereafter a good deal from clubs in native country.
– Boden had heal terms wherein first choice. Now hope self only that all going today lock with Seattle. But come from self away that do, says O´Brien as exercised elbow grease sedan birth to America and currently am acting with Milwaukee in the American indoors league.

Sift on the hood three

BBK's sport director Ginger Oaks am communicating that am seeing light into negotiations.
– We am arriving bring nearer to and bring nearer to each other and I see no problem, says Ginger Oaks as also discloses that Destin Makumbu also is, in concept, ready for a continuation.

Negotiation with agent Innocent Okeke is in meal and, unless somewhat in the aggregate unpredictable happens, am landing Makumbu in Luleå in closed of Feb.

This importance that two tongue piece now is in place in BBK built. Now am continuing was working with that build troop.

Two new American performer is on entrance. Next one contract is Steve Shake up, 25, center back/defensive midfielder as latest season act in Minnesota in A-league. He has olds, among other, experience from Major League (Columbus) and the American U23 country team.
– He am defeating seldom a one-anti-one situation and is supreme on dizzy, says Leighton O´Brien as very well feels to Shake up quality as performer.

Under what Kuriren go through had Shake up orally bar yes to BBK's messenger and that agreement of purchase and sale am becoming wholly clearly initially of next week.

This am counting also for the country battle qualify midfielder/forward as also is on tread to Boden. Here residue only they ultimate formality.

BBK is yet thrifty with annotations.
– We will nots reveal somewhat for early. Am acting if credibility, says Ginger Oaks.
– Am falling all am biting in place sift we on the hood three. The is nothing that terrific if, am confirming Lars Swede certain.

Finish Tero Karhu did sits first training spell with Boden in am going.
– Karhu had good pass game, good thrust on bowl, vigorous composition and right character. He saws, wholly plainly, good out. But nothing says that we am grabbing him for, says Lars Testimony Swede.

Karhu tin be a substitute for David Robert as had badly that solve its work situation in combination with elite footboll. Robert am working in sport shop with mustard open time and as BBK will practice clock 16 every days am becoming a bad equation that solve.

This am counting, for remaining, also for Antonym Eriksson.

Ludwig Wästfelt