2004 Jan 12

With the help of web-based automatic translators, for your amusement, from the Bodens BK web site:

O'Brien ready for still a season

BBK has it superb joy that inform that 2003 year's best football player in Norrbotten, American Leighton O'Brien, had chosen that prolong sits contract with club also over season 2004.
- Leighton each a key player in troop last year and is an almighty important piece that poll into troop, especially bump that poll clearly with him thus here early, says BBK's game and market director Ginger Oaks to home side.

The Ireland-born midfielder allowance to layer before them fifth innings of 2003 year's Superetta and did a packed house disallows debut on away ground anti IFK Norrköping.
- Find very ball in Leighton O’Brien and he will become almighty important for ourselves in the future, was obeying am training-"Brollas" annotation behind O'Briens debut match.

And indeed was getting he right in that O'Brien should become important for layer. Barring suspension in two matches so feigned American all 23 matches in Superettan sedan he allowance. He stayed together with Luchi Gonzalez layer after best scorer behind Robert Lundgren with six meal and won superior layer inmates assist league with in the aggregate nine assistance.
- Is almighty valuable for ourselves that poll retain Leighton. Had husband him in troop so is easily that poll second new acquisition as he is a very good football player, says Oaks.

Clearly is that O'Brien will miss opening match out anti Norrköping then club am grabbing here him on artist tax. He affiliate accordingly to troop moderate to home opener anti Gefle, but practice with layer am arriving he film that make then he find into the bargain layer training camp on Spanish Allow to absence in closed of Mar month.
- We is exceedingly content over that Leighton am continuing a season in BBK. He is a fantastic good football player and he is a dynamo in our law. We hope also that he bark evolve further a level. His ambition is the Allsvenskan and our aim is evident that together with him foster him further so that he bark become an Allsvenskan football player, says BBKs head trainer Lars "Brolla" Swede.

What am counting further new acquisition so am continuing club that am working at a couple various name from abroad.
- We am holding on that finish negotiation at a number performer, discloses sport director Oaks for home side.

On minus side able we reckon in one couple new name. Johannesburg Lundberg each abroad to Luleå SK last year and will write over to div 2 newcomer. Also Peace Waara is ready for LSK, while Gregor Ziobro compel discontinue American football with injury problem. Magnum Pettersson did comeback last year, but he am choosing also that put fragile on shelving now.

Jens Lindmark