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Chance Fry's Injury Update

Sent to Mark Coker from Eric Proctor via the Atlanta Ruckus Media Relations Director:

Just wanted to give you an update.

My name is Lorraine Glynn. I am the Director of Media Relations for the Atlanta Ruckus. I spent 2 hours today with Chance and Seattle's trainer Corbin.

Chance is doing well. He is still pretty doped up but the surgery went well and the outlook is good. Although according to Corbin it will be a six month recuperation, not 6 to 8 weeks. Unfortunately, for Seattle and for the A-League, Chance will be out for the season.

Corbin is already working the leg (the knee). Chance had a mechanical apparatus on his leg that was slowly bending and extending his leg. Chance has been up on crutches and will be given a walking, removable cast once he is back in Seattle.

Corbin showed me the x-rays. The break(s) looked bad. Both bones, the femur and the tibia, were broken and there are a couple of smaller fractures also. The surgery put a long titanium rod into the leg and the breaks are supported by small screws.

Chance has been getting supporting phone calls from the team, Tor, the General Manager, Bruce Murray (Assistant Coach for the Ruckus) and others. While I was there Peter Hattrup called to get an update and give encouragement.

Just so there is no question about it, Chance had a visitor (an old family friend who now lives in Atlanta) who asked what happened and this was his description. "I was sliding in for a ball and another player (Ruckus) also slide in for the ball, he hit my leg instead." (not an exact quote) Corbin then told him that his heel must have been dug into the ground otherwise his leg would have been pushed away and not snapped. Chance told him during halftime he had put on his "screws" (metal cleats). Neither Corbin nor Fry believe that the play was dirty. Simply an extremely unfortunate accident with two players going for an open ball.

Chance and Corbin will be flying back to Seattle tomorrow afternoon.

Hope this gives you better information to pass along to your fans.


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