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More on Hinton's "Retirement"

From the 24 January Seattle Times article by Craig Smith:

...there were months of budget disagreements between Hinton and principal owner Scott Oki.

The Sounders have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars the past two seasons, and co-owner Neil Farnsworth said yesterday the franchise will operate with a budget of between $1million and $1.3 million this year, down from last year's budget of $1.5million.

Cliff McCrath said he might be interested in the job, but he has doubts about the shaky, seven-member A-League. "I just don't know how durable that league is and how long it will last," McCrath said.

The top in-house candidates to succeed Hinton are Neil Megson, player-assistant coach Bernie James, assistant Tommy Jenkins and Gary Heale, who retired after suffering a back injury last fall.

Farnsworth said the Sounders hope MLS succeeds, and he mentioned Seattle as a possible expansion site if the new league prospers.

Thanks to Mark Coker for Times transcription.

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