Mark and Gretchen's Excellent France Adventure
(or two weeks marred by three hours of crap football)
"The faithful American fans who followed their team to the bitter end...deserved the salute they got from the U.S. players after their last game Thursday night. The last chant heard in Nantes was "U-S-A."

William Gildea, The Washington Post

Things obviously didn't go so well in France.  But Sam's Army can hold their heads up!  We had good support for the two matches I attended and I could certainly hear the Sammers singing as I watched the Yugoslavia match on tv.  There was a great article about Sam's Army in an edition of the Wall Street Journal and now in Matchday (with a brief mention of your faithful correspondant).  Below are some of the pictures that came from my camera from Paris and now Lyon:
Chilling out under a car park waiting for the rain to stop.  The store had Kronenbourg for 12F, so I had a few.
Inside the Parc des Princes.  The shirtless lads are members of the USA U-20 national team.
Same thing.
Same thing with some different people.
Pre-match, outside the Stade Gerland (L-R:  Gretchen Coker, Steve McKibben, Mark Coker, unknown, Mark Spacone, Bruce McKibben, Chris Spacone).
The Iranian supporters liked to have their pictures taken with the USA supporters. 
Since the authorities wouldn't allow flags except for national flags at this match, this is the only picture in existence of the Seattle Brigade flag.
There was lots of pre-match friendliness between the two countries' supporters. 
Carrying the flag around the stadium before the match.

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