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Gold Cup Tickets:  Since it was announced there would be two USA national team matches in Seattle back in March, we have attempted to get a section for USA supporters (Sam's Army at the stadium.

First, we were told that the normal USSF contacts would be of little use, as it was a CONCACAF-run tournament. Eventually, we were given a contact at SUM that would assist. Finally he notified us that the stadium had a section reserved behind one of the goals, but that they wouldn't be able to handle "tens, hundreds of individual calls with such a specific request." Consequently, SUM asked for a way to consolidate the ticket order, and proposed that one of us take tickets on consignment. Nobody was willing to take on that financial risk.

As a result, we are asking those who stand up for the USA to get seats in Section 149 as high up as possible. A call to Ticketmaster indicates it goes up to Section UU. However, all tickets are reserved seating. Going up high, will allow us to do our thing without disturbing those who support the team in other ways.

Pre-match Activities:  We will be enjoying pre-match beverages at the Pyramid Alehouse.  They will have a beer garden from 2pm Thursday and 10am Saturday.  Qwest Field security has advised us against tailgating in the parking lot, as there is considerable patrolling by the Washington State Liquor Control Board at the larger sporting events. 

The "March to Germany"

09 Feb TTO-USA 2-1 W
27 Mar MEX-USA 1-2 L
30 Mar USA-GUA 2-0 W
04 Jun USA-CRC 3-0 W
08 Jun PAN-USA 3-0 W
17 Aug USA-TTO at Hartford
03 Sep USA-MEX at Columbus
07 Sep GUA-USA  
08 Oct CRC-USA  
12 Oct USA-PAN  

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