2000 Sep 15

Milwaukee Rampage 2 - 1 Seattle Sounders
Uihlein Soccer Park, Milwaukee, WI

1 MIL - Takawira
33 MIL - Willan (Lavrinenko)
90 SEA - Gregor

Milwaukee: Dan Popik; Josh Timbers (David Marshall 53), Alen Soso, Josh Provan, Chris Jahr; Steve Bernal, Jason Russell, Jason Willan, Yuri Lavrinenko (Matt Tirschman 82); Brian Loftin (Todd Dusosky 64), Digital Takawira.

Seattle: Bill May; Ali John Utush, Craig Waibel, Kieran Barton; Scott Jenkins, Tim Steidten (Craig Tomlinson 41), Dick McCormick (Sean Henderson 13), Andrew Gregor, Viet Nguyen; Greg Howes, Darren Sawatzky.

Match report based on the Sounders' report:

The Seattle Sounders were defeated 2-1 by the Milwaukee Rampage at Uihlein Soccer Park in Milwaukee, WI. The lost comes in the first match of a two-match A-League second round playoff series. Milwaukee midfielder Jason Willan scored the match-winning goal in the 33rd minute. Dick McCormick left the match in the 13th minute with a knee injury and Sean Henderson came in from the bench.

1' Takawira. Milwaukee's Digital Takawira scored 13 seconds into the match from the opening kickoff play. Brian Loftin took the opening kickoff for Milwaukee and sent a long cross down the right side for Jason Russell, with the ball going past Russell. Sounders defender Scott Jenkins then attempted to send the ball back to the Sounders goalkeeper Bill May. May's clearing attempt at the top of the 18-yard box deflected off the chest of Rampage forward Digital Takawira. Takawira controlled the ball and then chipped May for the easy goal. Milwaukee 1-0.

33' Willan (Lavrinenko). The Rampage got possession of the ball in the Seattle end of the field. Midfielder Yuri Lavrinenko sent a pass ahead to Willan. Willan went in on goal, inside the penalty area. May came out of net to cut down the angle. Willan moved around May, shot and scored into an empty net. Milwaukee 2-0.

90' Gregor. Seattle scored a huge goal in injury time. The Sounders took a cornerkick in the 4th minute of added time. Seattle's Darren Sawatzky and Ali John Utush had shots at the goal. Milwaukee cleared the ball away but not out of the zone. Seattle midfielder Andrew Gregor controled the ball on the right side. From the top of the penalty area Gregor took a blast that went into the top left corner of the net past the Rampage goalkeeper Dan Popik, who did not move. Milwaukee 2-1.

Seattle is in a must win situation for game two. The winner of two-game series is determined by:

  1. 1. Aggregate score
  2. 2. 2x15 minute "golden goal" periods of extra time
  3. 3. Total points taken from matches (USL regular season 4-1-0+1 point system)
  4. 4. Most home goals
  5. 5. The taking of kicks from the penalty spot
Post Game Quotes

Sounders Forward Darren Sawatzky:
We dominated play tonight but were unlucky in converting our chances. We gave up a couple of goals we shouldn't have. Andrew (Gregor) scored an incredible goal. He saved us. Now we can look at the series as being at halftime. We will get it going on Sunday and get the result we need at home.

Rampage Coach Boro Sucevic:
We were fortunate to get the victory tonight. We got a Christmas gift in September with our first goal. The field tonight was soggy and slippery and I think that's why their goalkeeper (Bill May) slipped on the first goal. But Seattle was all over us tonight. They showed a lot of heart and fight in trying to battle back. My hat is off to them. I feel good about winning, but they got one goal back and that could be important.

Milwaukee Seattle
Shots: 12 11
Saves: 3 1
Corners: 5 4
Fouls: 15 21
Offsides: 4 3
20 Gregor (SEA) cautioned
60 Bernal (MIL) cautioned
75 AJ Utush (SEA) cautioned
90 Tomlinson (SEA) cautioned

Referee: Ricardo Salazar; Asst. Refs: Francisco Sanchez, Joe Kryzaniak; 4th Official: Ahmad Pima.

Attendance: 2,558