2000 May 12
Seattle Sounders Select 1 - 0 Cascade Surge
PDL match/US Open Cup qualifier, Interbay Stadium, Seattle
106 SEA - Ludwin (Chursky)
Seattle: Chad Olson; Mike Casale, Matt Lund, Billy Sleeth, Scott Burcar; Mark Hogenhout, Chad Brown (David Ludwin 95), Ben Somoza; Manuel Ruiz (Rob Schaper 58), Joe Watson (Andy Smith 70), Chris Farnsworth (Ian Chursky 66).
Cascade: Nick Vorberg; Blake Drew, Roger Groome, Will Hander, Chris McDonald (Steve Steele 80); Juan Galavis, Matt Wheaton, Andrew Waring, Dusty Holbrook (Jacob Allen 94); Zac Marfell (Dustin Short 64), Shanon Hopkins (Todd Dolan 55).

Match report by Ron Stickney:
The match came close to being a scoreless draw, but the Seattle Sounders Select finally got one past the Cascade Surge defense and won their PDL season opener 1-0. Seattle outshot Cascade 22-6, but none of the shots were good enough until David Ludwin put away a ball that popped out of goalkeeper Nick Vorberg's arms in front of goal. Vorberg made 10 saves before yielding the unfortunate goal. This match also counted as a US Open Cup qualifier.

First Half
The Sounders Select dominated the first 23 minutes. Mark Hogenhout got a 20-yard chance from a dropped ball but was a yard high. Chris Farnsworth received a ball right in front of goal but his marker prevented a shot. Joe Watson's header from 15 yards was on goal but didn't have enough velocity. Defender Billy Sleeth was up for a corner kick when he was served in front of the near post, but he couldn't trap the ball cleanly and settled for a drop to Manny Ruiz, who shot wide of the far post. Ben Somoza carried the ball to the arc and fired, just missing the bottom left corner.

Zac Marfell finally took the Surge's first shot in the 24th minute, but Chad Olson easily saved. Then nobody could manage a good chance until the final minute, when on a free kick play a Cascade attacker got around the defense on the left and shot, forcing Olson to push the ball wide for a corner. Olson then caught the corner kick at the bar for another save.

Halftime:  Seattle 0 - 0 Cascade
Seattle got the first chance in the second half at 54' when Watson chipped from the goal line over the crowd at the near post to an unmarked Somoza at the far post. Somoza leaped to try a header, but he couldn't reach enough of the ball to send it on goal. Hogenhout tried from the left side and was a yard over the top far corner. Chad Brown got by his man on the left with a stop and go move, then  crossed to the far post, but the ball fell just out of the reach of substitute Rob Schaper.

In the 69th Scott Burcar's 25-yard free kick forced the first save of the half. That free kick came after Watson had his legs taken out, and Watson had to limp off, replaced by Andy Smith.

An own goal nearly occurred when a Cascade defender headed Brown's cross off the near post and out for a Seattle corner kick.

Matt Wheaton took Cascade's best shot yet when his marker slipped and fell, giving Wheaton a shot from the 18-yard line that was saved by Olson above his head.

Seattle substitute Ian Chursky had the last two good chances in regulation. First Chursky headed at the far post from Brown's cross but the save was easily made by Vorberg. Then Somoza fed Chursky a through ball and with only the charging Vorberg to beat, Chursky's shot was deflected by Vorberg just wide of the far post.

Regulation time:  Seattle 0 - 0 Cascade

Cascade defender Roger Groome from Trinidad came forward to take the first good shot in extra time, sharply bending a 25-yarder up the middle and forcing Olson into a fully extended dive to his left to catch the shot.

Somoza's throw-in was dropped for a 25-yard shot by Burcar low and up the middle, forcing a diving save by Vorberg. Smith tried a 25-yarder up the middle, saved by Vorberg at the lower left corner.

106 Ludwin (Chursky). An errant Cascade pass gave Hogenhout the ball deep in Cascade territory. Hogenhout passed left to a wide open Smith, who carried near the goal line before crossing. The cross made it to Chursky on the 6-yard line and he poked the ball at goal. Vorberg made the save and appeared to collect the ball, but it somehow popped out and turned into a sitter right in front of goal. Substitute David Ludwin said thanks and slammed the ball into the open goal for the match winner. It was unclear whether Vorberg fumbled the ball or a Seattle attacker knocked the ball loose from Vorberg. All three of Seattle's substitutes contributed largely to the goal.

Final:  Seattle 1 - 0 Cascade
Seattle Cascade
Shots: 22 6
Saves: 5 10
Corners: 16 1
Fouls: 25 16
Offsides: 2 0
27 Hopkins (CAS) cautioned for pushing a defender after the goalkeeper won the ball.
43 Somoza (SEA) cautioned for a foul.
51 Burcar (SEA) cautioned for a cleats-up tackle.
Referee: Dave Simon; Asst. Refs: Danny Eng, Sandra Sarafini; 4th Official: Errol Nelson.