2000 Jul 29

Seattle Sounders Select Women 4 - 0 Vancouver LadySixers
Memorial Stadium, Seattle

4 SEA - Bennett (Wagner)
17 SEA - Bennett (Wagner)
38 SEA - Bennett (Kimble)
87 SEA - Otagaki (Hardy)

Seattle: Lindsey Jorgensen; Michele Badilla, Andrea Morelli, Jen Birks, Tari Beck; Theresa Wagner, Joanie Gerpheide, Tara Bilanski, Sanya Trandum; Karen Hardy, Tami Bennett.
Reserves: Sarah Peters, Dana Kimble, Amy Sprague, Brenda Meuller, Erin Otagaki, Nichole Sauvageau, Jenny Skinner, Elle Curinga, Janelle Munnis.

Vancouver: Theresa Nutall; Sam Drove, Erin Porter, Tara Phillips, Alix Lus; Linda Milani, Pasley Edmonds, Kate Qually, Melissa Aiello; Sarah Regan, Ciara McLoughlin.
Reserves: Emily Hoag, Jennifer Locke, Maleena Pardhan, Shannon Lee, Sarah Nannery.

(Unlimited substitutions and re-entry are allowed, so it is difficult to keep track of who played how many minutes.)

Match report by Ron Stickney:

In their first home match in Seattle Memorial Stadium, the Seattle Sounders Select Women dominated the Vancouver LadySixers, outshooting 22-3 and winning 4-0. Tami Bennett scored the first three goals to earn a natural hat trick in 38 minutes. Theresa Wagner's crosses set up the first two goals. Erin Otagaki had the lone goal in the second half.

Impressive was the attendance: 2,122. And it was a noisy crowd, as bangers were handed out at the gate.

First Half

4' Bennett (Wagner). The scoring started early. Wagner beat her marker at the left touch line and curled in a cross out from the far post. Bennett outmaneuvered two defenders to win the ball and finish into the ceiling from the 6-yard line. Seattle 1-0.

Wagner nearly had a goal when she outleaped a defender and headed a looping shot on goal from 15 yards. The shot beat goalkeeper Theresa Nutall but was rejected by the crossbar. Karen Hardy's shot from the top right corner of the penalty area was caught for a save.

17' Bennett (Wagner). Wagner got by her marker with a burst of speed, carried to the bye line and crossed a diagonal ball to the penalty spot. Bennett's first touch sent the ball a bit further than she wished and she had to slide down for the shot, sending it to the left side and past Nutall. Seattle 2-0.

Hardy's first-touch shot from 15 yards was caught.

Sarah Regan used her head to flick a long Vancouver free kick on goal, forcing the first save by Lindsey Jorgensen.

Seattle continued the strong pressure on goal. Nichole Sauvageau's shot at the top far corner was parried wide and collected by Nuttal. Janelle Munnis entered and on her first touch she headed Dana Kimble's corner kick just wide of the far post from 4 yards.

38' Bennett (Kimble). Kimble got the ball right back after her corner kick was rejected, then she outmuscled a Vancouver defender to earn a cross from the end line to the near post, where Bennett hit the ceiling again from 5 yards for a hat trick.  Seattle 3-0.

Seattle had one last chance in the half when Kimble's corner kick to the far post was headed just wide by Sauvageau.

Halftime: Seattle 3 - 0 Vancouver

The first 25 minutes of the second half produced nothing of note other than Munnis' header from Kimble's cross, sent on goal but right to substitute Vancouver goalkeeper Emily Hoag.

AT 70' Wagner started trying from 25 yards, one shot well-saved by Hoag at the lower far corner and another struck hard but a yard wide of the far post. After a long run, Michele Badilla couldn't get much mustard on her 15-yard shot and Hoag easily saved.

Vancouver's only shot of the half came in the 80th when Linda Milani's 25-yard, diving shot would have gone under the bar but substitute goalkeeper Sarah Peters was at home to catch the shot above her head.

Back Seattle's way, Badilla drove in a left-footed cross from the right side that was headed just wide of the far post by Otagaki. From the left side Jenny Skinner's shot forced a save.

87' Otagaki (Hardy). Hardy's low cross from the left corner made it through to Otagaki at the spot. Otagaki touched once, touched twice, and hit the lower right corner with her shot. Seattle 4-0.

The last minute saw one more 25-yard attempt by Wagner, easily saved by Hoag.

Final: Seattle 4 - 0 Vancouver

Seattle Vancouver
Shots: 22 3
Saves: 2 8
Corners: 6 0
Fouls: 9 6
Offsides: 2 0

Referee: Sandra Serafini

Attendance: 2,122!