2001 Apr 1

Seattle Sounders 1 - 4 Vancouver Whitecaps
Preseason match, Burlington-Edison High School, Burlington, WA

32' SEA - Kinoshita (Brown)
35' VAN - own goal (Kinoshita)
58' VAN - Sankar (Valente)
65' VAN - Morris (Lyall)
80' VAN - Gbeke (Besic)

We didn't keep track of starters and substitutions, but here's who played for the Sounders:
Seattle: Kelly Grayum; Kieran Barton, Scott Jenkins, Todd Duncan, Casey Barber, Chad Brown; Kei Kinoshita, Mark Hogenhout, Ryan Edwards, Jerry Luppy, Todd Stauber, Hugo Llamas; Rees Bettinger, Jason Kuska, Kyle Smith, Stan Thesenvitz.

Vancouver: Steve London; Geordie Lyall, Charles Gbeke, Steve McCauley, Matt Mori; Tiarnan King, Nico Berg (Tony Fonseca 45'), Steve Kindel, Alfredo Valente (Elvis Besic 72'); Dave Morris (Lucas Cimoszko 72'), Dana Garner (Danny Sankar 58').

Match report by Ron Stickney:

The Sounders trialists were humbled by the Whitecaps trialists in the first preseason match 4-1.

Kei Kinoshita gave the Sounders the lead in the 35th minute with a spectacular sideways volley of a Chad Brown corner kick that the Vancouver defense couldn't quite clear. Goalkeeper Steve London got a hand on the ball but couldn't push the powerful shot over the bar.

Just three minutes later, Kinoshita turned from hero to goat when he tried to knock a ball away from Steve Kindel just inside Seattle's penalty area, but the ball went into Seattle's goal instead of to goalkeeper Kelly Grayum.

In the second half, the Sounders looked rather disorganized on the attack. With veteran defenders Kieran Barton and Scott Jenkins now out of the match, the defense became porous and Whitecaps players were surprisingly finding plenty of open space all over the small pitch.

Just after entering in the 58th minute, Danny Sankar scored on his first touch, all alone to head in the rebound from a yard after Grayum blocked Alfredo Valente's hard shot from close in on the left. Vancouver had another goal 5 minutes later when Geordie Lyall sent in a powerful shot from 25 yards away on the right, aimed at the far post. Grayum might or might not have reached the shot, but Dave Morris deflected the blast slightly to claim the goal, giving the flying Grayum no chance.

Charles Gbeke finished the scoring at 80' when a cleared corner kick was sent back in by Elvis Besic and Gbeke sent a powerful volley into the top near corner.

Debuting for the Whitecaps was Mountlake Terrace native Dana Garner, who just finished his soccer career at Seattle Pacific U. Garner had a couple of shots, but needs to get his boots calibrated.

Not playing, but seen on the Sounders bench, was goalkeeper Preston Burpo, who we now understand is planning to return this season. Retired defender Bernie James was on the bench with head coach Megson, the pair appearing very much like the coaching staff for this season, rumors of Steve Sampson notwithstanding.

Attendance: 1,023