2001 Jun 30

Milwaukee Rampage  5 - 2  Seattle Sounders
Milwaukee Sports Complex, Franklin, WI

3' MIL - Takawira (Lavrinenko)
23' MIL - Takawira (Godoy)
36' SEA - O'Brien
49' SEA - Nguyen
67' MIL - Soso
74' MIL - Soso
85' MIL - Takawira (PK)

Milwaukee: Jeremy Dobay; Peter Henning, Khary Stockton, Chad Prince (David Henning 86'); Steve Bernal, Craig Charlton, Phillipe Godoy (Samuel Sucevic 86'), Dennis Fadeski (Scott Dombrowski 63'), Yuri Lavrinenko (Oliver Ellsworth 28'); Igor Soso (Ramon Alvarado 81'), Digital Takawira.

Seattle: Preston Burpo; Kieran Barton, Ryan Edwards, Mike Casale (Jeremy Sweet 45'), Scott Jenkins; Sean Henderson (Chad Brown 45'), Leighton O'Brien, Jason Farrell (Kei Kinoshita 45'), Viet Nguyen; Jason Dunn (Craig Tomlinson 67'), Rees Bettinger (Peter Hattrup 74').

Match report from the Seattle Sounders:
The Seattle Sounders were unable to overcome the loss of three players to ejection and a three goal effort by forward Digital Takawira, losing 5-2 to the Milwaukee Rampage.

Seattle battled back to tie the game at 2-2 when forward Viet Nguyen scored in the 49th minute. Milwaukee took an early 2-0 lead after Takawira scored in the 3rd and 23th minutes. After being outplayed early, the Sounders were able to rally, with a goal by Leighton O'Brien in the 36th minute and then Nguyen's goal.

With the Sounders seemly poised to take control of the game, things fell apart, starting with forward Igor Soso's goal in the 67th minute. Soso, open in the penalty box again, scored in the 74th minute, increasing Milwaukee's lead to 4-2.

The first of the Sounders ejections occurred in the 77th minute when defender Kieran Barton was ejected for abusive language. The Rampage then put the match out of reach with Takawira's third goal in the 85th minute. The following minute had Sounders midfielder Chad Brown ejected for abusive language. Sounders midfielder Peter Hattrup had a penalty kick chance saved by the Rampage goalkeeper Jeremy Dobay in the 87th minute.

After the game had ended, O'Brien for Seattle was tossed after verbally abusing referee Joe Kryzaniak.

The season series is now tied at 1-1, with Milwaukee coming to Seattle for the Sounders next home match on Sunday, July 8, 5 pm at Seattle Memorial Stadium.

Post Match Quotes: Sounders Interim Coach Bernie James:
"We didn't have some calls go our way in the second half and that led to our downfall. We have to regroup for tomorrow's game at Minnesota to try and salvage something out of this road trip."

        Milwaukee  Seattle
Shots:     13         17
Saves:      6          7
Corners:    4          2
Fouls:     18         22
Offsides:   2          1

9' SEA - Henderson cautioned.
18' SEA - Jenkins cautioned.
57' SEA - Nguyen cautioned.
63' SEA - Edwards cautioned.
77' SEA - Barton sent off.
86' SEA - Brown sent off.
After whistle, SEA - O'Brien sent off.

Referee: Joe Kryzaniak
Attendance: 1,433