2001 Jun 6

Seattle Sounders  0 - 0  San Jose Earthquakes (Seattle win by PKs, 4 - 3)
Joe Albi Stadium, Spokane, WA

Seattle: Preston Burpo (Rich Cullen 45'); Mike Casale (Craig Waibel 45'), Kieran Barton, Ryan Edwards; Scott Jenkins (Chad Brown 75'), Sean Henderson, Leighton O'Brien (Jeremy Sweet 72'), Jason Farrell (Christer Forsberg 78'); Viet Nguyen (Peter Hattrup 78'), Rees Bettinger (Kei Kinoshita 55'), Kyle Smith (Craig Tomlinson 45').

San Jose: Joe Cannon; Ramiro Corrales, Jimmy Conrad, Dominic Kinnear; Wade Barrett (Richard Mulrooney 38'), Dario Brose, Eddie Robinson (Ian Russell 33'), Scott Bower; Manny Lagos (Ronald Cerritos 63'), Wojtek Krakowiak, Chris Carrieri.

Match report from Spokane Spokesman-Review, who sponsored the friendly.

Match report based on reports from the Earthquakes and the Sounders:

In an A-League vs. MLS friendly played at the home of the Spokane Shadow, the Seattle Sounders and the San Jose Earthquakes played to another scoreless draw. Apparently to practice penalty kicks, Seattle went on to win by the taking of kicks from the penalty mark, 4-3. Twice before the teams have met for friendlies (San Jose were the Clash then), and the result in regulation has always been the same, 0-0. In 1997 Seattle won the shootout, and in 1999 San Jose won the shootout.

Ex-Sounder Ian Russell appeared for San Jose, and ex-Sounder Craig Waibel entered at the break for Seattle. Waibel, a Spokane native, was on loan from the MLS Los Angeles Galaxy. Other players with ties to Spokane were Kieran Barton and Chad Brown, who have played for the Spokane Shadow, and backup goalkeeper Rich Cullen.

First Half

11th minute: Dario Brose struck a free kick from 25 yards out that was just tipped over the crossbar by Sounders goalkeeper Preston Burpo.

30th: Manny Lagos raced down the left flank and sent a cross into the box from 18 yards out. Chris Carrieri received the ball 9 yards out, and from a tough angle took a shot that rang off the post.

34th: Ian Russell in for Eddie Robinson.

36th: Wade Barrett and Rees Bettinger receive yellow cards.

39th: Richard Mulrooney in for Wade Barrett.

41st: Carrieri struck from the left side of the penalty box, but Burpo was there to smother the shot.

Halftime: Seattle 0 - 0 San Jose

46th: D Craig Waibel in for Mike Casale, F Craig Tomlinson in for Kyle Smith, and G Rich Cullen in for Burpo. Waibel and Cullen are both Spokane natives. Waibel, an ex-Sounder, is apparently on loan from the Los Angeles Galaxy.

52nd: Cullen mis-trapped the ball, Carrieri struck it, but it deflected off Cullen and out of bounds.

55th: Rees Bettinger out, Kei Kinoshita in.

59th: Jimmy Conrad blocks shot from Jason Farrell.

63rd: Ronald Cerritos in for Manny Lagos.

70th: Yellow card on Jimmy Conrad.

74th: Scott Bower crossed the ball into the penalty box, Cullen came off his line to intercept, but mishandled it, and Carrieri tried to get a shot off, but Cullen was able to steal it off Carrieri's foot.

79th: Ian Russell dribbled past three defenders and crossed the ball into the box, but Carrieri shot the ball over the goal.

82nd: Brose volleyed a shot that Cullen made a diving save on.

Regulation: Seattle 0 - 0 San Jose

Kicks from the Mark:

San Jose                    Seattle
0 - Cerritos (wide right)   1 - Barton
1 - Brose                   1 - Henderson
0 - Krakowiak (saved)       1 - Forsberg
1 - Corrales                0 - Waibel (saved)
1 - Bower                   1 - Hattrup
Final: Seattle 0 - 0 San Jose (Seattle win by PKs 4 - 3)

         Seattle  San Jose

36' SEA - Bettinger cautioned for unsporting behavior.
37' SEA - Jenkins cautioned for unsporting behavior.
39' SJ - Barrett cautioned for unsporting behavior.
49' SEA - Tomlinson cautioned for unsporting behavior.
68' SJ - Conrad cautioned for unsporting behavior.

Referee: Mac Pinski; Asst Refs: Scott Lawrence, Jeff Hosking; 4th: Jim Coman.
Attendance: 3,241