2001 Jun 30

Seattle Sounders Select  3 - 1  Spokane Shadow
Issaquah High School Stadium, Issaquah, WA

10' SEA - Foisie
31' SEA - Watson (Sleeth)
38' SEA - Kingsley (Reeves)
56' SPO - Bushey

Seattle: Carlos Castellanos (Brandon Sewell 45'); Christian van Blommestein, Aaron Heinzen, Kurt Ness, Scott Burcar (Evan McNeley 86'); Zach Kingsley, Todd Stauber (James Vert 45'), Sy Reeves, Billy Sleeth; Greg Foisie, Joe Watson (Chris Farnsworth 45').

Spokane: Remi Roy; Matt Steuckle, Zach Scott, Stuart Saunders; Erik Bushey, Connor Quinn (Dustin Allberry 73'), Kenny Krestian (Ian O'Neill 73'), Jayson Kuska; Evan Cummings (Pete Peterson 75'), James Gledhill (Aaron Grubb 28'), Nick Ascolese (Trevor Tharp 78').

Match report by Ron Stickney:

This match finished 10 v 10, not because of what they did, but because of what they said. But the Seattle Sounders Select were a man up for just over half the match, and they knocked in a pair of insurance goals during their "power play" to win 3-1 over the Spokane Shadow. Seattle opened the scoring with a goal by Greg Foisie, and head coach/player Stuart Saunders' complaints after the goal were phrased in a way that got him sent off. Seattle took advantage and added goals by Joe Watson and Zach Kingsley in the first half. A goal from Erik Bushey's long free kick got Spokane on the board, and then the outcome became tenuous when Seattle's Sy Reeves was sent off for his second yellow card, both courtesy of his mouth. Seattle's defense held and the home side claimed the victory.

First Half

Seattle's Sy Reeves was first in the book with a yellow, due to something he said to referee Calin Znamirovschi. Reeves' comments may have been in response to an incident a half minute earlier when Seattle goalkeeper Carlos Castellanos slid out to claim a ball and Kenny Krestian slid into Castellanos late and cleats first, causing Castellanos to cry out in pain. Znamirovschi, not close to the incident, ignored it.

10' Foisie. A ball headed to the center of the 6-yard line seemed destined for goalkeeper Remi Roy, but Seattle forward Greg Foisie was able to get into position to challenge in the air and Roy could only reach over Foisie and knock the ball down. Foisie won the battle for the loose ball and from 12 yards shot between a pair of defenders for the goal. 1-0 Seattle.

Immediately after the goal, Spokane head coach and player Stuart Saunders apparently used a banned word in his complaint, probably feeling that Foisie had fouled goalkeeper Roy when they battled for the air ball. Saunders was shown the red card, and he wasn't happy about it.

With the man advantage, the Seattle tactics were obvious -- take it to Spokane. Kingsley headed a corner kick just over the bar. Todd Stauber tried from 35 yards and missed by a couple. Kingsley stole the ball in Spokane's end and fed Billy Sleeth for a cross, and Foisie rose six yards out from the far post and drove his header just over the bar. Sleeth got the ball inside the penalty area from Watson and got by a defender for a low 15-yard shot to the near post, but Roy dove to block it wide for a corner.

In the 28th, Spokane subbed in defender Aaron Grubb for third forward James Gledhill, but the defensive move wouldn't help.

31'Watson (Sleeth). Sleeth crossed from wide right and Foisie, out from the near post, couldn't quite get his head on it. Watson was first to the ball six yards past goal near the bye line, and he shot accurately from the tough angle. 2-0 Seattle.

Spokane's first shot of the match came in the 35th minute when Evan Cummings was open for a pass near the right end of the arc, but he misfired wide. The Shadow soon had another chance when Bushey's long indirect free kick was headed by Zach Scott to the far post, but just out of reach of Jason Kuska sliding in feet first.

38' Kingsley (Reeves). On a counterattack, Reeves got the ball on the right side marked by Scott. Reeves got by Scott and with goalkeeper Roy charging, Reeves rolled a soft pass in front of goal for an unmarked Kingsley to score into the unguarded net. 3-0 Seattle.

Nick Ascolese came back with a chance for Spokane, but his 35-yarder up the middle was right at Castellanos.

In the final minute of the half, Foisie got by three defenders up the middle and with only Roy to beat sent the shot right at Roy's feet for an easy save.

Halftime: Seattle 3 - 0 Spokane

Half a minute into the second half, Kingsley got open for a shot from the left end of the arc but popped it right to Roy. Foisie got free in the left side of the area for a short square pass to substitute Chris Farnsworth, whose first-touch chip went nicely over the goalkeeper only to be slapped back by the crossbar.

56' Bushey. After Sleeth was cautioned for tripping Kuska from behind, Bushey's 45-yard free kick from near the fourth official was sent to the top far corner. Substitute goalkeeper Brandon Sewell backpedaled and leaped to catch the ball, but his backwards momentum carried him and the ball past the goal plane as he fell to a sitting position, and referee Znamirovschi called it a goal. 3-1 Seattle.

Three minutes later Reeves again opened his mouth and for his trouble he received his second yellow card and a red. Now the Seattle lead no longer looked commanding.

Spokane took advantage of the 10 v 10 situation as Quinn's shot-cross from the left flashed just a half yard from the top far corner, bounced on the end line and stayed in. Then Ascolese picked Seattle defender Aaron Heinzen clean and entered the penalty area with just sweeper Christian van Blommestein to beat for a shot, but Ascolese's touch past van Blommestein went too far and Sewell gobbled it up.

Another yellow to Seattle's Kurt Ness for tripping Kuska, and from the long free kick Kuska got a 20-yarder up the middle but sent it right to Sewell.

In the 68th, Scott Burcar headed Farnsworth's corner kick two yards wide of the far post. And that would be the last of Seattle's threats.

For Spokane, Connor Quinn sent in a dangerous cross from the left flag, but Sewell dove out to snare it before it reached the open attacker. Bushey ran onto a loose ball in the penalty area on a throw-in play, but shot way high. After Seattle turned the ball over in their own end, substitute Pete Peterson's 30-yarder to the lower far corner was not good enough to get by Sewell.

In the 86th, Evan McNeley replaced Burcar, who was injured when Spokane substitute Ian O'Neill rolled Burcar's ankle with a clumsy challenge.

In the 87th, Sewell leaped over a crowd for a high throw-in, but couldn't control the ball and substitute Trevor Tharp's chip from 15 yards went harmlessly wide. Kuska got a free kick from the arc after being held, but put it two yards over the bar. In the final minute, Bushey put a long free kick dangerously into the penalty area, but nobody could get their head on it and it was over the line for a goal kick.

Final: Seattle 3 - 1 Spokane

        Seattle  Spokane
Shots:     13       9
Saves:      2       3
Corners:    6       1
Fouls:     21      23
Offsides:   6       0

7' SEA - Reeves cautioned for something he said that Znamirovschi didn't like.
10' SPO - Saunders sent off something for he said that Znamirovschi liked even less.
20' SPO - Bushey cautioned for sliding under Stauber.
44' SPO - Grubb cautioned for tripping Sleeth at the touch line.
56' SEA - Sleeth cautioned for tripping Kuska from behind.
59' SEA - Reeves cautioned for something else he said that Znamirovschi didn't like, and sent off for his second caution.
66' SEA - Ness cautioned for tripping Kuska.

Referee: Calin Znamirovschi; Asst Refs: Scott Lawrence, Brian Ames; 4th: Dan Anderson
Attendance: 55