2001 May 18

Seattle Sounders Select  3 - 1  Yakima Reds
Interbay Stadium, Seattle, WA

2' SEA - Raymond (Vert)
8' SEA - Somoza (Sagare)
21' YAK - Santa Maria (PK)
88' SEA - Sleeth (PK)

Seattle: Brandon Sewell; Aaron Heinzen, Billy Sleeth, Casey Barber, Bob Schefter; Abbas Faridnia (David Ludwin 87'), Ben Somoza, James Vert (Kevin Houck 67'); Jake Sagare, Chris Raymond (Zach Kingsley 45'), Greg Foisie (Casey Armstrong 45').

Yakima: Shawn Tobias; Samuel Figueroa (Mike Schefter 45'), Jason Timm, Chad Bodnar, Scott Bertram; Brad Suhm, Santa Maria, Jose Serna (Eli Gonzales 32'), Mike Pardini (Jose Valencia 66'); Dayo Oyetuga, David Yanez (Joe Bench 45').

Match report by Ron Stickney:
In a match that doubled as a PDL match and a US Open Cup qualifier, the Seattle Sounders Select won 3-1 over the visiting Yakima Reds. Seattle had a pair of goals within 8 minutes from the heads of Chris Raymond and Ben Somoza, but most of the match saw 2-1 on the scoreboard after a questionable penalty kick was awarded to Yakima in the 21st, converted by Santa Maria. Two minutes from time, Seattle was awarded a PK, successfully dispatched by Billy Sleeth.

Playing for Seattle were five who played for the Reds last year: Aaron Heinzen, Bob Schefter, Jake Sagare, Greg Foisie and Zach Kingsley. The last time these two sides met, Kingsley, Sagare and Foisie combined for four goals against Seattle and assisted each other on three of them.

Bob Schefter's brother, Mike, entered at the break for Yakima. We were kind of hoping to see one of the Schefters get a card for fighting with his brother (something their mother never had the authority to do), but that will have to wait for another match between the two sides.

First Half

2' Raymond (Vert). James Vert was open for a pass entering the penalty area on the right. His shot at the far side was saved by goalkeeper Shawn Tobias, but the rebound popped up in front of goal for Raymond to head in off Tobias' hand. 1-0 Seattle.

8' Somoza (Sagare). Jake Sagare carried up the left side and whipped in a perfect cross for Somoza at the penalty spot, who headed a hard shot to the right of Tobias, just under the crossbar. 2-0 Seattle.

Yakima's first shot came in the 10th minute when David Yanez sent a short pass at the arc for Everett native Dayo Oyetuga, who shot just wide of the far post.

Seattle resumed pressure on the goal when Vert got free on the right and fired right at Tobias, who made the save and couldn't hold on, giving Greg Foisie a rebound shot that missed the far post. Foisie soon had another chance from the right, blocked by Tobias for another save.

21' Santa Maria (PK). Nobody could figure out what referee Jeff Hosking saw when Seattle's Bob Schefter was first to a Yakima forward pass and was tripped from goal side and behind by Yanez. Both players went down and Hosking blew the whistle. With everybody expecting a Seattle free kick, Hosking instead pointed to the spot! Santa Maria put the PK in the lower left corner and the Reds were back in the match, 2-1 Seattle.

The early magic vanished from Seattle's attack. The next chance was Yakima's in the 38th, but Santa Maria slipped as he fired from the top of the arc, the shot clearing the crossbar by a yard.

Seattle finally managed another good shot in the final minute of the half. Somoza's long blast was saved by Tobias, but not controlled. A Seattle attacker was there for the rebound, but he was flagged offside.

Halftime: Seattle 2 - 1 Yakima

Kingsley and Casey Armstrong entered for Seattle at the break and had the first good chance of the second half when Kingsley's cross from the left was headed onto the face of the crossbar by Armstrong. The rebound was passed to Somoza for a 20-yarder up the middle, but Tobias dove forward for the save.

For the Reds, Oyetuga carried up the left side and got in close for a pressured shot, sent wide of the near post.

Midway in the half, Sagare's header from a cross was blocked and collected by Tobias.

Oyetuga tried from the arc with his head, then later with his foot, and was well wide left on both attempts. Yakima substitute Joe Bench got open on the right for a 20-yarder, forcing the only save of the match by Brandon Sewell. The rebound went to Santa Maria, but he slipped again while trying for the putback.

For Seattle in the 83rd, Casey Barber's cross from the right was a line drive to Armstrong's head out from the far post, but the unpressured header went wide left. From Sagare's cross, Armstrong juked a defender and shot from the left end of the arc, but a defender deflected the shot just wide of the far post.

88' Sleeth (PK). Kingsley beat a defender at the left touch line, then broke loose of a hold at the left edge of the area and carried into the area to the end line. There he got around one defender and was closed down by a second. Trying to get an angle for a centering pass, Kingsley ended up with Brad Suhm all over his back and down the pair went, Suhm on top. Referee Hosking pointed to the spot and Suhm knew his protest was in vain. Sleeth put the PK perfectly in the lower left corner for the final margin.

Final: Seattle 3 - 1 Yakima

         Seattle  Yakima
Shots:      20        9
Saves:       1        5
Corners:     5        1
Fouls:      15       26
Offsides:    4        1

36' SEA - Sleeth cautioned for tripping Figueroa from behind.
41' YAK - Pardini cautioned for taking Somoza down from behind.

Referee: Jeff Hosking; Asst Refs: Doug Pinski, Carl Schlossman; 4th: Dave Simon.
Attendance: 50