2001 May 20

Seattle Sounders Select  0 - 2  Calgary Storm
Memorial Stadium, Seattle, WA

2' CAL - Chala (Munoz)
57' CAL - Reyes (Slade)

Seattle: Brandon Sewell; Aaron Heinzen, Billy Sleeth, Christian vanBlommestein, Bob Schefter (Kurt Ness 80'); Ben Somoza (Casey Barber 45'), Abbas Faridnia, James Vert (Zach Kingsley 45'), Jake Sagare; Chris Raymond (Casey Armstrong 45'), Todd Stauber (Greg Foisie 45').

Calgary: Lars Hirschfeld; Konrad Paszkowski, William De Silva, Mike Pavick, Eric Munoz; Conrad Chala, Mark McKenna, Jamie Auvigne, Nicolas Reyes; Mark Slade (Chris Lemire 80'), Felix Napuri (Nicolas Zuniga 80').

Match report by Ron Stickney:

The Seattle Sounders Select were outplayed at both ends of the pitch, losing 0-2 to the visiting Calgary Storm, a new franchise. Conrad Chala headed in a corner kick before the match was two minutes old and Nicolas Reyes added an insurance goal in the second half. With Seattle managing just six shots, goalkeeper Lars Hirschfeld had to make just one save to earn the shutout.

First Half

2' Chala (Munoz). Calgary were on the board quickly when Eric Munoz' driven corner kick from the left was headed powerfully from the penalty spot to the top left corner by Chala. Goalkeeper Brandon Sewell had no chance. 0-1 Calgary.

Seattle managed just two fair chances in the half, 15-yard headers sent well wide.

Calgary's only other promising attempts were a shot from the arc by Reyes, easily saved, and a 20-yarder by Felix Napuri after beating two defenders, forcing a diving save by Sewell at the lower near corner.

In the 35th minute Munoz, already in referee Kevin Boisen's book with a caution, committed a nasty foul near the Seattle bench. "Play on," said Boisen, and at the next stop in play he gave Munoz a warning about being dangerously close to a second yellow. That apparently wasn't enough for Seattle coach Teddy Mitalas, who complained loudly to Boisen about the lack of a card. Mitalas sprinkled in some salty language for spice, and exceeded Boisen's tolerance level. Boisen showed the red card and dismissed Mitalas from the pitch.

Halftime: Seattle 0 - 1 Calgary

Seattle had a pair of early chances in the second period. A free kick to the far post was headed onto the outside of the post and out from two yards. Jake Sagare's cross from the left whipped through the goal area to Greg Foisie a few yards out from the far post, and with Hirschfeld diving left to cover the post he managed to make a foot save of Foisie's low shot, with the rebound cleared for a corner by a defender.

57' Reyes (Slade). On a counterattack, Aaron Heinzen had two men to mark near the left touch line. Mark Slade took the pass and sent it ahead for Reyes, who beat Heinzen around the corner. Inside the penalty area, Reyes used a feint to get free of another defender and shot low to the near side to beat Sewell. 0-2 Calgary.

Seattle couldn't respond with any scoring threats, but Calgary managed some. In the 70th, Reyes sent a ball ahead for Slade, whose left-footed shot at the lower far corner was snagged by a supine Sewell. Munoz won a long ball into the area and fed a short pass to Napuri out from the near post, but the shot was just wide of the near post.

Seattle finally had a chance in the 83rd, a 30-yarder by Foisie up the middle that just missed the top right corner.

Calgary had one more chance when Chris Lemire took possession after a defensive turnover and passed ahead into the left side of the area for Jamie Auvigne, who got around the defense. Auvigne's 10-yard shot was a yard wide of the near post.

Final: Seattle 0 - 2 Calgary

         Seattle  Calgary
Shots:      6       13
Saves:      6        1
Corners:    9        2
Fouls:     20       31
Offsides:   0        0

8' SEA - Heinzen cautioned for pulling down an attacker.
22' CAL - Slade cautioned for a takedown.
26' CAL - Munoz cautioned for tripping.
35' SEA - Coach Mitalas dismissed from the pitch for complaining, with foul language, when a second yellow was not given to Munoz.
38' SEA - Sleeth cautioned for a late hit on Munoz, taking his legs out.
45' SEA - vanBlommestein cautioned for sliding under an opponent.

Referee: Kevin Boisen; Asst Refs: Steve Brannon, Jason Panos; 4th: Mark Matthews
Attendance: 75