2003 May 25

Seattle Sounders  0 - 0  Vancouver Whitecaps (AET) 
Seahawks Stadium, Seattle, WA


Seattle: Rich Cullen; Danny Jackson, Ryan Edwards (Craig Tomlinson 91'), Zach Scott; Andrew Gregor (Scott Jenkins 76'), Alex Bengard, Sean-Michael Callahan, Jason Farrell, Viet Nguyen (Darren Sawatzky 69'); Marco Velez, Kyle Smith. Substitutes not used: Ryan Wittstruck, Kevin Sakuda, Matt Hulen, Shawn Percell.

Vancouver: Alex Marques; Nick Dasovic, Chris Franks, Nico Craveiro; Oliver Heald (Gordon Chin 59'), Tiarnan King, Paul Dailly (Jeff Clarke 46'), Steve Kindel (Alfredo Valente 55'), Jeff Skinner; Shannon Musa (Niall Thompson 46'), Jason Jordan. Substitutes not used: Simon Postma, David Morris, Cris Craveiro.

Match report by Ron Stickney:

Despite having a 2-man advantage for the last 25 minutes, the Seattle Sounders settled for a draw at home against the Vancouver Whitecaps. Vancouver's Jason Jordan was sent off in the 81st for a nasty foul, then four minutes later Nico Craveiro earned a red card with his mouth. Seattle took most of their many shots after Vancouver were reduced to nine, but none were good enough for a goal.

After a rough match between the same two sides two days earlier, it was good to see referee Richard Heron control the match well.

First Half

The first half of the first half saw ten fouls, but only one shot. On a Seattle attack, Viet Nguyen from the right fed Kyle Smith posting up near goal. Smith held the ball and then kicked it back to Nguyen, whose 15-yard shot was rejected by the cross bar.

The next good chance was Seattle's in the 34th when Andrew Gregor's 30-yard free kick went low past the wall towards the far corner, where Chris Franks slid in to clear the ball just in time. The crowd cried out when a Vancouver defender appeared to handle the ball in the top corner of the penalty area, but Heron did not consider it a deliberate handling. Jason Farrell worked his way left to right across the 18-yard line until he got open, then he put a shot on goal saved by Marques, but there was the rebound, and Marques beat Velez to the loose ball.

The 40th minute saw Vancouver's first shot, a 35-yard free kick up the middle which Paul Dailly sent yards over the bar. Another chance came when Jordan fought off Ryan Edwards left of the penalty area to earn a shot/cross, and Rich Cullen dove forward to claim the dangerous ball.

Halftime: Seattle 0 - 0 Vancouver

Seattle opened the second half with several shots. Gregor got the ball from a throw-in on the right side and curled a cross to the 6-yard line, where Nguyen tried to volley it in but couldn't get all of the ball. Farrell made space for a 30-yard shot, and Marques made the diving save at the far post.

Gregor earned himself a silly yellow card when he blatantly retaliated after he felt he was fouled. The caution was delayed as Heron allowed advantage at the time of the misconduct.

In the 52nd a flick by Smith and a touch past the last defender by Marco Velez gave Velez a chance to cross into the path of an open Smith, but the cross went to the goalkeeper instead. After Vancouver handled the ball, Nguyen put a 25-yard free kick a yard high.

The match was stopped a few minutes in the 56th when Oliver Heald was found laying on the floor holding his face. Gordon Chin came on for Heald.

Vancouver's first shot of the half came in the 61st, when substitute Niall Thompson skied it from 22 yards. Chin forced a save with a shot from the 18 aimed at the lower far corner.

In the 65th Seattle captain Gregor put a 25-yard free kick inches over the bar.

Gregor was replaced by Scott Jenkins in the 76th. Gregor had been injured when knocked over from behind by a Vancouver player as the sides were maneuvering for a throw-in.

Defender Zach Scott intercepted a pass in the 77th and tried a 30-yarder but skied it.

In the 81st Vancouver lost a man to temper after Jordan was dispossessed near the bye line. Edwards took off on the counterattack and Jordan tracked him down and kicked him in the achilles tendon, an obvious retaliation. Edwards would last another 9 minutes before limping off. Jordan was shown the red card.

Seattle would take 18 shots the rest of the way. Alex Bengard shot a low 35-yarder up the middle, easily saved by Marques. A cleared corner kick was sent back in by Callahan, Smith headed it to Scott Jenkins at the spot, and the low shot was well-saved by Marques.

The 85th saw Seattle's Jenkins take a yellow card for chopping down Jeff Clarke near the halfway line. After Jenkins was cautioned, Nico Craveiro apparently used a poor choice of words when complaining that it was only yellow, and Craveiro found himself sent off for what he said. It was now 11 v 9, but Seattle would prove unable to capitalize on the huge advantage.

Sean-Michael Callahan carried the ball left for an 18-yarder, saved by Marques with a rebound allowed, and Clarke cleared the leftovers over the bar. A ball passed ahead by Edwards was flicked a yard over the bar from 15 by Velez. In added time Callahan had a great opportunity from the arc and beat Marques only to be rejected by the left post.

A long final shot by Vancouver substitute Alfredo Valente was easily saved by Cullen.

Regulation: Seattle 0 - 0 Vancouver

Seattle would outshoot Vancouver 13-2 in 20 minutes of extra time, but all for naught. Jenkins shot from 18 up the middle, and Marques had it well covered. Bengard's 30-yarder up the middle was well wide of the target. Darren Sawatzky took a 15-yard shot from the left but curled it the wrong way. Smith won a loose ball with space and tried from 25 yards on the left but bent it a yard or two wide of the near post. Farrell fed a pass across the penalty area for Craig Tomlinson, but the shot was well wide. In the 100th Smith got a deflected ball for a 7-yard shot, and Marques made an amazing reaction save to deny the goal.

In the second period of extra time Callahan from the top left corner of the area hit the far post with a shot. Velez running up the right side curled a shot on goal, but Marques backpedaled to grab it overhead for another great save. In the 106th Bengard tried from 35 and missed the top corner. Farrell from the top of the arc was a couple of yards high. In the final minute Tomlinson might have gotten to a ball he pushed ahead, but a tactical foul by Nick Dasovic ended the chance and earned Dasovic a yellow card.

Final: Seattle 0 - 0 Vancouver

         Seattle   Vancouver
Shots:      28         7
Saves:       4         9
Corners:     7         2
Fouls:      24        16
Offsides:    4         6

50' SEA - Gregor cautioned for a reckless retaliation at the halfway line after he thought he was fouled.
64' VAN - Franks cautioned for a tactical tripping foul on Velez 25 yards from goal.
81' VAN - Jordan sent off for kicking Edwards in the achilles tendon from behind.
85' SEA - Jenkins cautioned for chopping down Clarke near the halfway line.
85' VAN - N Craveiro sent off for what he said after Jenkins was cautioned.
110' VAN - Dasovic cautioned for a tactical tripping foul to keep Tomlinson from getting to a ball pushed ahead.

Referees: Richard Heron; Shahram Pourazari, Mike Fox; Cory Dean.
Attendance: 2,643