2004 Jul 25

Seattle Sounders 2 - 2 Milwaukee Wave United
Qwest Field, Seattle, WA

7' MIL - Kante
12' MIL - Torres (PK)
29' SEA - Levesque (Bolaņos)
90' SEA - Jenkins (Callahan)

Seattle: Preston Burpo; Danny Jackson, Marco Velez (Kyle Smith 72'), Zach Scott; Kevin Sakuda (Scott Jenkins 80'), Viet Nguyen (Sean-Michael Callahan 80'), Chad Brown, Ben Somoza (Craig Tomlinson 54'), Jonathan Bolaņos; Roger Levesque, Welton (Darren Sawatzky 63'). Substitutes not used: Danny Waltman, Ryan Edwards.

Milwaukee: Jim Larkin; Steve Lawrence, Chad Dombrowski, Chris Morman; Ibrahim Kante (Troy Dusosky 91'), Matt Schmidt, Nino Marcantonio, Joe Hammes, Jamar Beasley (Kevin Burk 57'); Johnny Torres, Nick Walls. Substitutes not used: Jeff Richey, Lovelace Ackah, Andrew Rosenband, Digital Takawira, Giuliano Oliviero.

Additional match reports: Seattle Times, Seattle P-I, Sounders.

Match report by Ron Stickney:

Playing most of the match with ten men, the Seattle Sounders came back from a 2-0 deficit to settle for a 2-2 draw with the visiting Milwaukee Wave United. An early goal by Ibrahim Kante and a penalty kick by Johnny Torres gave Milwaukee the quick lead. Roger Levesque's goal made it close at the half, and Scott Jenkins leveled the score in the final minute of regulation. Chad Brown drew an unnecessary red card 5 minutes into the second half to put the Sounders at a man disadvantage.

First Half

The first shot was Milwaukee's in the 2nd minute when Kante's cross past goal was headed wide of the far post by Nick Walls.

For Seattle, Welton skied to head a shot at the near post from 8 yards, and Jim Larkin dove sideways for an acrobatic save.

7' Kante. Torres' corner kick from the left was deflected wide by the crowd, and Kante was all alone as garbage collector to power it home from 10 yards. Burpo had come out for the corner kick but failed to get the ball. 1-0 Milwaukee.

12' Torres (PK). After Walls beat Marco Velez, Velez chased Walls down from behind and pushed him in the back a yard outside the penalty area. Running full speed at goal, Walls landed inside the penalty area. Even though the foul was outside the penalty area (we were sitting square with the 18-yard line and saw it clearly), referee David Simon, who was behind the play, immediately pointed to the spot. It was a poor decision by Velez, but it should have resulted in a free kick from outside the area. Torres put the penalty kick into the upper left corner. 2-0 Milwaukee from a tainted goal.

Milwaukee continued to press as Jamar Beasley shot from the top of the arc in the 14th, but Burpo was there for the save.

The tide turned for Seattle in the 17th when a cross was deflected on to Bolaņos left of goal for an 8-yarder, blocked by Larkin and cleared by the defense.

29' Levesque (Bolaņos). Welton crossed from the left corner. Bolaņos tried a bicycle kick that was deflected to Levesque 12 yards from goal, and Levesque shot low inside the near post. 2-1 Milwaukee.

Seattle kept the momentum. A Bolaņos 35-yard free kick was touched onto the post by Larkin, and the rebound went across the goal mouth and over the end line for a corner kick. Then a long Bolaņos free kick was headed by Chad Brown from the spot but rejected by the crossbar.

Milwaukee's Nino Marcantonio was on the far post run in the 43rd to head a shot from a cross, but it went a yard wide.

Back to Seattle, as Viet Nguyen's free kick from wide left gave Levesque a header that was just wide of the top far corner. Ben Somoza's cross from the right corner was redirected on goal by Bolaņos, but Larkin was at the near post for the save.

Halftime: Seattle 1 - 2 Milwaukee

First chance in the half was Milwaukee's, as Torres hit the crossbar squarely with a 25-yard free kick.

Then Seattle's Brown made a poor choice at 50' as he battled for the ball with Walls near the halfway line. Brown lost the battle and probably thought he was fouled, then he took out Walls' legs from behind, maybe in retaliation. Out came the red from Simon, and Seattle were reduced to 10 men for the last hour.

For Milwaukee in the 58th, Marcantonio beat a defender to earn an open shot from 15, but he missed just wide of the near post and was left holding his head.

For Seattle in the 61st, Nguyen's shot/cross curled away and missed the top far corner by a half yard.

Seattle appeared to score a goal in the 62nd. Craig Tomlinson went past a flat-footed defender to win a through ball and crossed nicely in front of goal for Welton to finish from 8 yards. Everyone thought it was a goal, including referee Simon, but there was assistant referee Scott Lawrence Lawrence with his flag up. Neither Tomlinson nor Welton offside, so perhaps it was Bolaņos offside two passes removed from the goal.

Seattle kept on, playing well in spite of being a man down. From a throw-in play, Sakuda headed a yard wide of the top far corner. Sakuda served Tomlinson wide right for a shot that was deflected wide for a corner.

For Milwaukee in the 76th, Joe Hammes had his 25-yard shot deflected wide by a teammate.

For Seattle, Tomlinson won an airball for a shot from 16 yards, sent a foot over the bar.

90' Jenkins (Callahan). The miracle in stoppage time came from a pair who had entered in the 80th minute. First, a Bolaņos free kick seemed to have been headed over the end line by a Sounder, but referee Simon ruled that it had deflected off a defender and gave a corner kick. Sean-Michael Callahan's corner kick from the right found Jenkins' head 8 yards out from the near post and Jenkins headed it in nicely. Burpo had been out of goal to help with the attack on the free kick and corner kick.

90 minutes: Seattle 2 - 2 Milwaukee

Extra time gave Seattle two chances from Bolaņos free kicks. The first was bent nicely to the near post, but Larkin got there for the save. The second was punched away by Larkin.

For Milwaukee, a Torres free kick from 25 yards was punched away by Burpo. Milwaukee took 5 shots in extra time, the best one in the final minute when Marcantonio shot from 20 yards and was inches over the bar, leaving him holding his head.

Final: Seattle 2 - 2 Milwaukee

         Seattle  Milwaukee
Shots:      21       16
Saves:       4       10
Corners:     7        1
Fouls:      19       26
Offsides:    1        2

26' SEA - Velez cautioned for getting Hammes while setting up for a Seattle free kick.
27' SEA - Scott cautioned for taking out Walls' legs.
34' MIL - Kante cautioned for chopping Bolaņos down from behind.
45' MIL - Dombrowski cautioned for chopping down Levesque.
50' SEA - Brown sent off for taking Walls down from behind near the halfway line.
54' MIL - Schmidt cautioned for kicking Nguyen in the ankle.
83' MIL - Larkin cautioned for delaying a Milwaukee free kick.
120' SEA - Levesque cautioned for a foul in the circle.

Referees: David Simon; Scott Lawrence, Vince Blair; Cory Dean.
Attendance: 1,921