2008 Jun 24

US Open Cup, Round 2:
Seattle Sounders  6 - 0  Hollywood United
Starfire Sports Stadium, Tukwila, WA

Seattle: Chris Eylander; Taylor Graham, Zach Scott, Kevin Sakuda (Craig Tomlinson 78'), Michael Rodríguez; Kenji Treschuk (Nik Besagno 52'), Leighton O'Brien, Josh Gardner (Noah Merl 52'), Hugo Alcaraz-Cuellar (John Fishbaugher 63'); Andre Schmid, Sébastien Le Toux. Substitutes not used: Ben Dragavon, Youssouf Kante, Jason Cascio.

Hollywood: Javier Barragan; Eder Robles, Nate Reeves, Cameron Dunn (Mike Munoz 45'), Olivier Biaggi, Brian Dunseth; LJ Reinhart (Jason Boyce 34'), Alex Bengard, Eddie Pinto; Ilie Nazarov (Chad Gilbert 45'), Deru Droze. Substitutes not used: Brandon Avery, Sean Lockhart, Craig Reynolds, Earl Alexander.

3' SEA: Scott (O'Brien)
15' SEA: Gardner (Alcaraz-Cuellar)
22' SEA: Le Toux (Schmid)
28' SEA: Le Toux (Gardner)
61' SEA: Le Toux (Alcaraz-Cuellar)
63' SEA: Le Toux

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Match report from Ron Stickney:

In second round US Open Cup action, the visiting Hollywood United, from the USASA, ran into a Seattle Sounders team hungry for goals. The Sounders scored early and often, ending up with a 6-0 win. Zach Scott and Josh Gardner opened up the scoring, and Sébastien Le Toux finished it with four straight.

The match had plenty of offense, with 30 shots taken, 19-11 in favor of the winners.

3' SEA: Scott (O'Brien). Just a minute and a half in the Sounders had a chance when United goalkeeper Javier Barragan was caught way outside his penalty area chasing a ball in vain. He gave up a foul, and the free kick went off the wall for a corner kick. Leighton O'Brien's corner kick from the left found Scott wide open at the six yard line to head it inside the near post for the early lead. 1-0 Seattle.

Hollywood's first chance came in the 9th minute when Deru Droze headed a cross high on goal, but Chris Eylander was there for the easy save.

Le Toux's first chance came at 12' when he beat his marker at the left touch line and was open into the penalty area for a shot, saved by Barragan with a slide. Two minutes later Barragan cleared a ball to Andre Schmid just outside the 18, and Schmid's chip shot at the open goal settled on the roof.

15' SEA: Gardner (Alcaraz-Cuellar). On a throw-in play from the right side, Hugo Alcaraz-Cuellar passed to Gardner, whose 25 yard shot from above the right corner of the penalty area curved nicely into the lower near corner. 2-0 Seattle.

For Hollywood, the next chances were from Brian Dunseth on a long free kick and Eddie Pinto from a corner kick play, both shots off target by a few yards.

22' SEA: Le Toux (Schmid). O'Brien served a ball to Schmid on the right, who earned a nice square cross with a burst of speed. Le Toux stepped in front of his marker, the last defender, at the spot to finish into the lower far corner. 3-0 Seattle.

28' SEA: Le Toux (Gardner). Gardner on the left drew the keeper out, then dished it to Le Toux open on the front porch to trap, set it up, and finish. 4-0 Seattle.

Back to Hollywood, Ilie Nazarov tried a low shot from the 18, but sent it right to Eylander. Pinto fired a fine shot from 25 yards, but again Eylander had it covered.

Then it was Seattle's turn at 34'. From Le Toux's drop, Gardner bent a wicked shot at the top shelf, and Barragan did well to one-hand it over. Schmid was put free on the right, but Barragan was out to block the shot 15 yards from goal. At 42' Gardner served Le Toux on the right for a shot, and Barragan collapsed on it for the save.

Near the end of the half, ex-Sounder and ex-Husky Jason Boyce got close on the left for a shot, but Eylander charged out to make the leg save, blocking it wide for a throw-in. The throw-in play produced a shot up the middle, but right to Eylander.

61' SEA: Le Toux (Alcaraz-Cuellar). Alcaraz-Cuellar's cross from the left found Le Toux near the spot, and his shot rolled under Barragan and just inside the far post for the hat trick. 5-0 Seattle.

63' SEA: Le Toux. Not content with the hat trick, Le Toux fired a rocket into the top left corner from the top of the arc, making it four consecutive goals. 6-0 Seattle.

Le Toux nearly had another at 70' when Barragan came out to clear a ball and Le Toux chipped it right back at the empty net, but it just missed. Schmid's cross from the bye line gave John Fishbaugher a half chance from the 6 yard line, but he sent it well over. Then it was O'Brien's turn for a go when a cross made it past two defenders, but Barragan made the leg save.

Le Toux had another good chance at 82' from Craig Tomlinson's cross, but a defender deflected the shot jsut wide. A heel flick by Le Toux gave O'Brien a chance to blast it on goal, and Barragan body blocked it.

Trying to spoil the shutout, ex-Sounder Alex Bengard nearly found the goal with a rocket up the middle from 40 yards, but Eylander managed to push it over to keep his net clean.

With the win, the Sounders advance to take on Chivas USA in round 3 at Starfire. Qwest wasn't available that day. Get your tickets early, as this one may sell out.

          Seattle   Hollywood
Shots:       19        11
Saves:        6         6
Corners:      7         4
Fouls:       16        11
Offsides:     1         0

2' HOL: Barragan cautioned
16' SEA: Gardner cautioned
51' SEA: Treschuk cautioned
56' HOL: Pinto cautioned
67' HOL: Dunseth cautioned
80' SEA: Besagno cautioned

Referees: Kevin O'Daniel; Mike Rottersman, Mark Matthews; Scott Lawrence