2009 Feb 22

Preseason match:
Sounders FC  4 - 0  Vancouver Whitecaps
Qwest Field, Seattle, WA

37' SEA: Nate Jaqua (Fredy Montero)
39' SEA: Jaqua (Seba Le Toux)
66' SEA: Montero (Roger Levesque)
67' SEA: Montero (Osvaldo Alonso)

Seattle: Kasey Keller; Nathan Sturgis (Zach Scott 68'), Tyrone Marshall (Tyson Wahl 68'), Taylor Graham (Patrick Ianni 68'), James Riley (Evan Brown 68'); Sebastien Le Toux (Stephen King 68'), Osvaldo Alonso (Ryan Caugherty 68'), Brad Evans (Densill Theobald 68'), Sanna Nyassi (Roger Levesque 61'); Nate Jaqua (Kevin Forrest 68'), Fredy Montero (Jeff Clark 68').

Vancouver: Jay Nolly; Wes Knight (Lyle Martin 45'), Wesley Charles (Justin Thompson 47'), Marco Reda, Mason Trafford (Hirano Takashi 57'); Vincente Arze (Tyrell Burgess 45'), Kenold Versailles (Ethan Gage 45'), Martin Nash (Randy Edwini-Bonsu 71'), Ansu Toure (Phillipe Davies 70'); Charles Gbeke, Marcus Haber.

Running match report from the Sounders FC blog:

Seattle starters Kasey Keller, Nathan Sturgis, Tyrone Marshall, Taylor Graham, James Riley, Sebastien Le Toux, Osvaldo Alonso, Brad Evans, Sanna Nyassi, Nate Jaqua, Fredy Montero.

Vancouver starters Jay Nolly, Wes Knight, Wesley Charles, Marco Reda, Mason Trafford, Vincente Arze, Kenold Versailles, Martin Nash, Ansu Toure, Charles Gbeke, Marcus Haber.

1 - Vancouver strikes a long-ball from 45 yards out that Keller parries over the bar for the save.

4 - Nyassi shoots wide from inside the 18 on the right side.

6 - Montero drops a ball back to Alonso for a shot from 25.

14 - Le Toux sends a cross to the right corner that, surprisingly, was too far forward for Nyassi to catch up to ... he has gotten that type of ball just about every time. Not saying he was too slow, just that Le Toux pushed the limit just a hair too far.

16 - Evans leads Jaqua up the middle, but Vancouver gets a toe on it for a corner ... Le Toux strikes a low corner that is cleared easily.

It is cool to see what the stadium looks like right now ... no football lines, the benches are on the opposite side that we were used to seeing them in the USL and some family members are seated behind the benches in the stands. Other than that, the building is virtually bare. However, you can imagine what the place will look like with 27,000 people on March 19.

Sounders FC are wearing their green-on-green kits with blue socks while the Whitecaps are in all white.

22 - Marco Reda picks off a ball on the right side of the 18 and strikes a ball at Keller, who sprawls out and catches the ball with his right foot for the save.

So far this is easily the most competitive game the Sounders FC have played against a non-MLS team. The Whitecaps have some talent this year, building off of their USL-1 title last year.

24 - Montero takes the ball into the box, but can't get a foot on it for a shot.

25 - Nyassi sends a cross to Montero at the left post, but his header is deflected wide by Nolly.

32 - Riley is called for a foul 28 yards out ... he and the victim appear to have words after the foul.

33 - Vancouver takes a shot off the kick, but it goes high for a goal kick.

34 - Marshall sends a dangerous cross in front of the Sounders FC goal, but it ends in a Montero run up the right side, outpacing his defense for a shot that is deflected for a corner kick.

35 - Excellent recovery by Alonso to stop a Vancouver run up the right side.

36 - Nyassi crosses to Montero who slides at the ball, but a defender gets in front of him to clear it.

36 - Nyassi breaks a half-step too soon and is called offside on a ball up the right side.

37 - Gooooal ... Montero leads Jaqua up the middle for a shot form 16 yards out to beat Nolly for a 1-0 lead. Jaqua got good position on his defender and shielded him as the ball passed by his feet on a perfectly timed ball from Montero.

39 - Gooooal ... Nyassi crosses to Le Toux, whose shot is knocked away by Nolly, falling right to Jaqua for his second goal in a matter of minutes. 2-0 Sounders FC.

42 - Montero leads Le Toux up the left side and Le Toux crosses into the box for another dangerous opportunity, but Nolly gets aggressive and lunges out to make the clearance 17 yards away from his line.

HT - We enter the half with Seattle leading 2-0.

Joe Roth, Tod Leiweke and Adrian Hanauer are all in attendance, alongside Chris Henderson in the stands.

Both teams have the same starters in the second half.

49 - Montero gets into a 1-on-1 situation with his defender, but is called for a foul when he pulls down the defender in the scrum.

54 - Montero has a good runout, but Nolly grabs it at the edge of the 18.

55 - Sounders are called for a foul 22 yards out and Vancouver's shot goes high over the wall.

60 - Nyassi crosses from the right corner to Jaqua coming through the box ... Jaqua gets a foot on it and nearly tallies the hat trick but Nolly gets his body in front of it for a solid save.

61 - Levesque enters the game for Nyassi ... Nyassi continued to include himself in the argument for a starting spot on the right wing.

62 - Jaqua gets another runout and passes to Le Toux running even with him on the left for a one-touch goal, but Le Toux is called offside.

65 - Montero strikes a free kick from 23 yards out that Nolly blocks with his chest hockey-style.

66 - Sturgis leads Levesque, crossing the ball over the middle of the field from left to right. Levesque chests the ball forward while holding off a Vancouver defender. Roger gets the ball into the 18 on the right side, then passes to Montero in the middle for a shot into the net for a 3-0 lead.

67 - Montero gets the ball in deep after an Alonso shot is deflected into the corner. He whips the shot past Nolly for a 4-0 lead.

68 - Mass substitution for Seattle ... Seattle's new lineup is ... Keller, Zach Scott, Tyson Wahl, Patrick Ianni, Evan Brown, Stephen King, Ryan Caugherty, Densil Theobald, Kevin Forrest, Levesque, Jeff Clark ... They have King playing left mid for the first time this camp while Levesque is getting another look up top.

Also in attendance today is former Sounders coach Alan Hinton ... he's getting a look at the game from up in the press box.

82 - Levesque gets a good runout on a ball from King, he gets deep in the box before dropping a pass to Theobald, whose shot is deflected by Nolly for a corner.

85 - Levesque gets out on another run up the left side and shoots from 15 yards out, but it caroms off the post and is cleared away.

FT - Final Seattle 4, Vancouver 0



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