2012 Feb 13

Bradenton camp opener is a 1-1 draw with Orlando City SC

Preseason training match:
Orlando City SC  1 - 1  Seattle Sounders FC
IMG Soccer Academy, Bradenton, FL

27' ORL: Dennis Chin
53' SEA: Sammy Ochoa (Mike Seamon, Lamar Neagle)

Seattle: Michael Gspurning (Andrew Weber 30', Bryan Meredith 60'); Adam Johansson (Zach Scott 30'), Jeff Parke (Andrew Duran 30'), Jhon Kennedy Hurtado (Patrick Ianni 30'), Leo Gonzalez (Marc Burch 30'); Mauro Rosales (Christian Sivebæk 30', Roger Levesque 76'), Osvaldo Alonso (Servando Carrasco 30'), Brad Evans (Mike Seamon 30'), Alvaro Fernandez (Lamar Neagle 30', Cordell Cato 76'); Mike Fucito (Sammy Ochoa 30', Lamar Neagle 82'), Fredy Montero (David Estrada 30').

Orlando: Lineup not available.

Match report from Sounders FC:

For the second straight preseason match, the Sounders FC fell behind early, but bounced back strong for a 1-1 draw in a game in which they dominated possession throughout the match.

On Monday, it was against Orlando City SC as Sammy Ochoa scored the second period equalizer in a match that featured three 30-minute periods.

"From the whole 90 minutes I thought we were the better team. We dominated the majority of the play," Sounders FC head coach Sigi Schmid said. "We kept the pressure on them but obviously our finishing has got to get a little bit better."

Seattle used a group made mostly of returning starters in the first period, but it was the combination of Ochoa and David Estrada that gave Seattle their best scoring opportunities in the final hour of the match.

"They did a better job of getting behind the defense," Schmid said of the second unit. "I think a lot of that is a tribute to David Estrada and the runs that he made, really stretched the defense for us against them."

In the 36th minute, Estrada found Ochoa for a header, but it was stopped at close range by a defender. Two minutes later, Ochoa returned the favor with a ball to Estrada and he sent a header bound for the inside of the far post, but Orlando City goalkeeper Miguel Gallardo made the diving stop.

Those types of chances littered the second and third periods, but they couldn't convert until the 53rd minute when Christian Sivebæk raced past his defender on the right side and passed to Lamar Neagle in the box. Neagle touched it back to Mike Seamon, who hit Ochoa on the left side. Ochoa collected and shot inside the far post for the equalizer.

The first half saw Seattle dominate possession, but they weren't able to put a tally on the board. That's not to say they didn't make Orlando City nervous though.

In the 12th minute, Osvaldo Alonso collected a pass from Mauro Rosales and ripped it past Gallardo, but it hit the underside of the crossbar and caromed out, where it was cleared by the Orlando City defense.

Seattle kept the ball in the attacking half most of the period, but were caught on the counter-attack in the 27th minute and Dennis Chin chipped around Seattle goalkeeper Michael Gspurning then pushed it in from the right side for the 1-0 lead that held until Ochoa's equalizer.

"We got caught a little bit with a bad square pass, just as we did against Vancouver and then the counter came and that's something that we have to eliminate," Schmid said.

The Sounders had a chance to take the lead in the final minutes of the match when Servando Carrasco was taken down in the box by goalkeeper Sean Kelley to earn a penalty. Carrasco harangued Kelley into knocking the ball high into the air, then hustled to beat Kelley to the loose ball, but he was felled by the goalkeeper and the referee pointed to the spot.

Carrasco opted to take the PK, but hit it hard off the crossbar and it was cleared away by Orlando City's defense and the match ended in a 1-1 draw.

55' SEA: Seamon cautioned for a foul from behind
61' ORL: Left back sent off for taking out Sivebæk
85' ORL: Player cautioned for a harsh tackle on Cato

Live blog from Sounders FC:

First Period

It looks like one group will play two of the three periods and another group will play the third.

It's a sunny day here in Bradenton and temperatures are starting to warm up, but there is still a bit of wind.

Sounders FC 1st period lineup – Michael Gspurning, Adam Johansson, Jeff Parke, Jhon Kennedy Hurtado, Leo Gonzalez, Mauro Rosales, Osvaldo Alonso, Brad Evans, Alvaro Fernandez, Mike Fucito, Fredy Montero.

Seattle is wearing rave green shirts and socks with shale shorts. Orlando City SC is wearing all purple, but do not have numbers, so I probably won't be mentioning much about specific players on their team.

Seattle and Orlando City are both in 4-4-2 formations.

Off the opening kick, Fredy Montero fires a shot, but misses wide for a goal kick.

2: Fredy Montero rolls it into to corner for Mike Fucito, but it skips away before he can get to it for a goal kick.

3: Fredy Montero sends another ball to the corner, but it outruns Mauro Rosales for a goal kick.

6: Michael Gspurning springs off his line to smother a ball rolled into the box before the Orlando City forward can get to it.

6: Mauro Rosales gets into the right corner and crosses the ball to the box, but it's defended clear.

7: Alvaro Fernandez sends a cross in from the left side and it skips off a defenders head and away for a corner.

Seattle is doing a good job in the first ten minutes of controlling possession in the offensive half of the field. Orlando has made a couple of run-outs, but their posession time has been limited.

11: Great turn by Mauro Rosales on the endline, but his cross is snatched out of the air by the Orlando City GK.

12: WOW ... Mauro Rosales rolls the ball into the box for Osvaldo Alonso who pummels a shot, but it hits the bottom side of the crossbar and falls out to the goalkeeper for the stop. Unlucky for Ozzie.

14: Seattle earns their fourth corner kick when Mike Fucito gets into the box and his ball to the middle is defended away.

15: On another Seattle corner, Jeff Parke gets his head to a ball but it misses over the top, but it's ruled a corner kick, apparently deflected by a defender ... Six CKs already for Seattle.

16: Orlando City gets out on a run on a ball over the top up the right side. They play the ball back to the middle, but Jhon Kennedy Hurtado defends it away.

17: Orlando City earns their first corner kick and Osvaldo Alonso takes possession away at the top of the box, running up the left side before playing to Fredy Montero in the middle, but his shot is defended off his foot, though Seattle keeps the ball in the attacking end.

24: Fredy Montero went down briefly after a tangling of legs on a run up the left side ... after a short tending-to from the trainer, he returned to the field.

27: Orlando City gets on the board first. Their forward gets out on a run up the middle. Michael Gspurning springs out to get to the ball, but Dennis Chin chips it past him to the right, then rolls it into the net for the goal. Orlando City 1, Sounders FC 0.

29: Adam Johansson gets the ball into the box, but his ball to the middle is knocked away for a corner.

There's the end of the first period. The Sounders trail 1-0 after a goal by Dennis Chin.

Second Period

31: Zach Scott sends a great ball up the right side to Mike Seamon, who crosses it on the grass to the middle, but it is defended away for a corner kick.

32: Marc Burch takes the corner, but it's defended away by Orlando.

36: David Estrada picks the ball off the foot of his defender at the top of the box and crosses it to the far post. Sammy Ochoa gets his head to it for a shot, but it is stopped quickly by an alert defender.

38: Sammy Ochoa gets the ball into the corner and crosses to David Estrada for a header that Estrada nearly puts inside the far post, but the Orlando City goalkeeper Miguel Gallardo makes a diving finger-tip save.

42: Great run-up from the Sounders after Andrew Weber comes out to pick off an Orlando City free kick. He throws to David Estrada running up the middle, who plays wide to Sammy Ochoa. He runs up the side, but cuts it back to Christian Sivebæk, who plays it centrally to Mike Seamon. He then plays it back to the corner for Ochoa, who then sends a cross to the far post. Lamar Neagle gets his head to it, but it is defended, then grabbed by Miguel Gallardo.

45: Nine new players sub on for Orlando City.

50: Mike Seamon plays a long ball to the corner for Christian Sivebæk, who outruns his defender into the box for a left-footed shot, but Sean Kelley makes the save diving to the near post.

53: Christian Sivebæk runs up the right side, outmuscles his defender, then gets the ball to Mike Seamon in the box. Seamon steadies the ball, then plays it to Sammy Ochoa, who thumps it home for a goal. Sounders FC 1, Orlando City SC 1.

55: Mike Seamon is shown a yellow card for taking out a player on the run from behind.

59: Christian Sivebæk gets a cross in from the right side. David Estrada plays it back to Servando Carrasco, but his shot misses high for a goal kick.

There is the end of the second period. The score is knotted up 1-1.

Third Period

Seattle comes out with the same lineup to start the third period.

61: Moments into the third period, Christian Sivebæk is taken out on a run up the right side. The offending player picks up a red card on the play, but will be replaced on the field.

It looks like Roger Levesque will come on for Christian Sivebæk.

63: Marc Burch plays a corner kick into the box, but the keeper makes the grab.

Sivebæk is back on the field, but running gingerly at the moment.

There is one change to Seattle's lineup that I missed - Bryan Meredith is on for Andrew Weber.

The Orlando left back was sent off. We don't have rosters and they don't have numbers.

71: Sammy Ochoa takes a pass from Servando Carrasco and leads David Estrada up the left side. Estrada then plays it back to Ochoa, but his header misses outside the far post for a goal kick.

74: Christian Sivebæk sends a hard cross from the right side that just barely eludes the head of David Estrada and goes through for an Orlando throw.

76: Roger Levesque and Cordell Cato sub on for Christian Sivebæk and Lamar Neagle.

Levesque is on the left, Cato on the right.

80: Cordell Cato gets up the right side and crosses for Sammy Ochoa, but Ochoa's header is saved off the line by the Orlando keeper.

82: Lamar Neagle returns to the game in place of Sammy Ochoa.

85: A harsh Orlando tackle takes out Cordell Cato, drawing a yellow card on the play.

87: On a bouncing ball to the goalkeeper, Servando Carrasco knocks the ball into the air, then chases it down at the endline, where he is taken out by the goalkeeper to draw a penalty.

88: Servando Carrasco takes the PK, but clangs it off the crossbar and it's cleared away.

93+: Roger Levesque hits a header from a Zach Scott cross, but it is knocked away by the Orlando keeper for the corner kick. After the corner kick was cleared, the final whistle blows. Final 1-1.

After three 30-minute periods, Sounders draw 1-1 with Orlando City SC in Brandenton, FL.