2012 Feb 16

Sounders reserves beat the USA U17s in a training match

Preseason training match (70 min):
USA U17  0 - 3  Seattle Sounders FC
IMG Soccer Academy, Bradenton, FL

24' SEA: David Estrada (Sammy Ochoa, Amadou Sanyang)
32' SEA: Sammy Ochoa
34' SEA: Zach Scott

USA: Paul Christensen (Evan Louro 36'); Elijah Martin (Steven Etcheverria 36'), Conor Donovan (Tyler Turner 36'), Tommy Redding (Kevin Politz 36'), John Requejo Jr. (Caleb Duvernay 36'); Cameron Lindley (Mukwelle Akale 36', Rubio Rubin 48'), Angel Heredia (Guyllain Kabala 36'), Junior Flores (Christopher Lema 36'), Rubio Rubin (Aaron Meyer 36'); Corey Baird (Bradford Jamieson 36'), Wesley Wade (Ahinga Selemani 36').

Seattle: Andrew Weber; Amadou Sanyang, Harlinton Gutierres, Jhon Kennedy Hurtado, Zach Scott (Andrew Duran 36'); Cordell Cato (Christian Sivebęk 36'), Servando Carrasco, Alex Caskey, Roger Levesque (Andy Rose 36'); Sammy Ochoa, David Estrada (Babayele Sodade 36').

Match report from Sounders FC:

One day after the Sounders shut out the Columbus Crew over 120 minutes, a team made up mostly of reserves took the field against the US U17 National Team for a 70-minute game and achieved the same thing, topping the US Youth International side 3-0 at the IMG Soccer Academy on Thursday.

David Estrada, Sammy Ochoa and Zach Scott all scored first-half goals for the Sounders and goalkeeper Andrew Weber kept the sheet clean over the two 35-minute halves.

"Guys know that they are battling. They are trying to position themselves not only on the roster but also within the hierarchy, the playing order within the roster. I think there's obviously guys that stepped up and did well for themselves," Sounders FC head coach Sigi Schmid said. "David Estrada did well for himself again, scored a good goal. He's been making good decisions. Christian Sivebaek was an influence on the game again which is what you want to see from players. From that standpoint, it was very good."

Over the first 20 minutes of the match, Seattle kept the pressure on, but Sounders FC Academy product Paul Christensen manned the US U17 goal with authority, grabbing several crosses out of the air and keeping his defense strong in front of him.

That nearly slipped away when Estrada appeared to beat Christensen with a header, but the shot hit off the upright and bounced back to Christensen, who cleared away the 23rd minute effort.

Estrada made good on the near-miss moments later though, when Ochoa fed him a pass up the middle of the field and Estrada lifted it past Christensen for his second goal of the preseason and a 1-0 Sounders lead in the 24th minute.

Estrada nearly added to the lead twice in the 29th minute, but had a header skip wide and a hard shot from the right side go just outside the far post.

Ochoa would add to his fruitful preseason in the 32nd minute though, cleaning up a loose ball at the top of the box and slotting it inside the left post for his second goal of training camp and a 2-0 lead.

Quickly, the Sounders added to that lead.

Cordell Cato had his shot from 23 yards out deflected, but the ball fell to Scott coming hard up the left side and Scott hammered home a falling left-footed shot for a 3-0 lead in the 34th minute.

The second half featured much fewer scoring chances and a slightly busier time for Weber, but nothing provided much of a threat to either goal and Seattle finished with the 3-0 victory to push their preseason record to 2-0-2.

The players that played extended minutes in Wednesday's 2-0 win over the Columbus Crew did a light training session on a nearby field.

5' USA: Requejo cautioned

Live blog from Sounders FC:

First Half

Welcome to Bradenton, Florida and the IMG Soccer Academy, where the Sounders FC will take on the US U17 National Team.

The two periods today will feature a 35-minute first half and either a 30 or 35-minute second half.

We are anticipating seeing Sounders FC Academy product Paul Christensen in net for the U17s today.

The starters from yesterday's game are doing a regen session on a side field.

Sounders FC lineup - Andrew Weber, Amadou Sanyang, Harlinton Gutierrez, Jhon Kennedy Hurtado, Zach Scott, Cordell Cato, Servando Carrasco, Alex Caskey, Roger Levesque, Sammy Ochoa, David Estrada.

Sounders second half lineup - Andrew Weber, Amadou Sanyang, Jhon Kennedy Hurtado, Harlinton Gutierres, Andrew Duran, Christian Sivebęk, Andy Rose, Servando Carrasco, Alex Caskey, Babayele Sodade, Sammy Ochoa.

US U17 lineup - Paul Christensen, Elijah Martin, Conor Donovan, Tommy Redding, John Requejo Jr., Cameron Lindley, Angel Heredia, Junior Flores, Rubio Rubin, Corey Baird, Wesley Wade.

U17 second half lineup - Evan Louro, Steven Etcheverria, Tyler Turner, Kevin Politz, Caleb Duvernay, Mukwelle Akale, Guyllain Kabala, Christopher Lema, Aaron Meyer, Bradford Jamieson, Ahinga Selemani.

The US takes the opening kick and we are under way.

3: Seattle goes on the attack up the left side and earns a corner kick.

4: On the corner kick, Zach Scott collides with Paul Christensen, but Christensen makes the grab.

5: David Estrada gets out on a run on a long ball from Servando Carrasco and is grabbed by John Requejo Jr., who draws a yellow card on the play.

10: Amadou Sanyang crosses a ball from the right side and David Estrada keeps it in play at the far post, but the U17s defend it clear.

12: Cordell Cato leads Alex Caskey into the box on the right side and Caskey feeds Sammy Ochoa in front of the net, but Ochoa misses high with his shot for a goal kick.

17: Rubio Rubin gets his foot to a ball played into the box off a free kick, but misses wide for a goal kick.

19: Servando Carrasco plays a ball into the box from the right side, but Paul Christensen makes the grab over the top of David Estrada.

22: Alex Caskey crosses the ball to Roger Levesque coming down the middle of the box, but it skips just over his foot and away for a goal kick.

23: Near miss for Seattle ... Amadou Sanyang sends a long cross from the right side and David Estrada gets his head to it and beats Paul Christensen, but it hits off the post and Christensen grabs the carom.

24: David Estrada makes up for it quickly, going on a run up the left side and taking a pass from Sammy Ochoa, lifting it past the oncoming Paul Christensen and into the net for a goal. Sounders FC 1, U17 0.

29: David Estrada gets his head to another cross from Amadou Sanyang, but it skips wide for a goal kick as Servando Carrasco gives chase.

29: Roger Levesque rolls out a ball to David Estrada up the right side of the box and Estrada tries to punch it inside the far post, but misses wide for a goal kick.

32: Sammy Ochoa runs onto a loose ball at the top of the box and slots it past Paul Christensen inside the left post for a goal. Sounders FC 2, U17 0.

34: Cordell Cato has his shot from the top of the box deflected out to the left, where Zach Scott runs onto it and hammers it home with his left foot for a goal. Sounders FC 3, U17 0.

There is the end of the first half and the Sounders FC hold a 3-0 lead.

Second Half

U17 second half lineup - Evan Louro, Steven Etcheverria, Tyler Turner, Kevin Politz, Caleb Duvernay, Mukwelle Akale, Guyllain Kabala, Christopher Lema, Aaron Meyer, Bradford Jamieson, Ahinga Selemani.

A few second-half subs for the Sounders ... Christian Sivebęk, Babayele Sodaded, Andrew Duran and Andy Rose are all in for Seattle, replacing Zach Scott, Roger Levesque, Cordell Cato and David Estrada.

Duran is at left back, Sivebęk right mid, Rose is in the middle and Caskey moved to left mid and Sodade is playing up top with Sammy Ochoa.

36: Christian Sivebęk leads Babayele Sodade into the box, but his sliding touch on the ball goes wide for a goal kick.

42: The ball bounces around in front of the Seattle box and Andrew Weber springs to it to snare it off the feet of Mukelle Akale.

48: Mukwelle Akale twists his knee and is replaced by Rubio Rubin.

56: Play stops momentarily when Harlinton Gutierres is grounded, but he returns to the field when play resumes.

58: Babayele Sodade gets to the top of the box, but his shot is deflected and Evan Louro makes the easy grab.

60: Christian Sivebęk races up the left side and crosses for Sammy Ochoa, but his defended touch on the ball skips wide for a goal kick.

64: A Seattle foul 20 yards out gives the U17s a free kick on the right side. They play it into the box, but Andrew Weber skies to make the grab in the middle of the box.

69: Good build-up for Seattle, but they can't get a good shot out of it.

There is the final whistle and the Sounders come out on top 3-0.