2012 Feb 6

First preseason training match is rough, with eleven cards and only a goal apiece in 120 minutes

Preseason training match (120 min):
Seattle Sounders FC  1 - 1  Vancouver Whitecaps
Grande Sports World, Casa Grande, AZ

1' VAN: Camilo (Atiba Harris)
48' SEA: Servando Carrasco (David Estrada)

Seattle: Michael Gspurning (Andrew Weber 46', Bryan Meredith 91'); Adam Johansson (Wes Feighner 46', Amadou Sanyang 91'), Jhon Kennedy Hurtado (Zach Scott 46', Tim Pontius 91'), Jeff Parke (Andrew Duran 46', Harlinton Gutierres 91'), Leo Gonzalez (Marc Burch 46', Ever Alvarado 91'); Mauro Rosales (Mike Seamon 46', Cordell Cato 91'), Osvaldo Alonso (Servando Carrasco 46', Andrew Vanzie 91'), Brad Evans (Andy Rose 46', Alex Caskey 91'), Alvaro Fernandez (Lamar Neagle 46', Jason Banton 91', Servando Carrasco 119'); Fredy Montero (Sammy Ochoa 46', Babayele Sodade 91'), Mike Fucito (Roger Levesque 29', David Estrada 46', Roger Levesque 91').

Vancouver: Joe Cannon (Brad Knighton 46', Andrew Fontein 91'); Alain Rochat (Jordan Harvey 46', Russell Teibert 91'), Jay DeMerit (Carlyle Mitchell 46'), Martin Bonjour (Michael Boxall 46', Bilal Duckett 91'), Young-Pyo Lee (Greg Klazura 46', Chris Estridge 91'); Camilo (Darren Mattocks 46', Caleb Clarke 106'), John Thorrington (Floyd Franks 46', Bryce Alderson 106'), Jun Marques Davidson (Gershon Koffie 46', Patrick Cregg 91'), Atiba Harris (Lee Nguyen 46', Michael Nanchoff 91'); Sebastien Le Toux (Davide Chiumiento 46', Matt Watson 91'), Eric Hassli (Omar Salgado 46', Long Tan 91').

Match report from Sounders FC:

The Sounders FC opened up their preseason schedule on Monday with a 1-1 draw against the Vancouver Whitecaps FC.

Servando Carrasco scored for Seattle while Camilo scored the lone goal for Vancouver as the team's played three periods, with the top two groups playing 45-minute periods with the rest of the team playing a 30-minute period.

"I thought the first team did well in the first 45 minutes and they didn't produce a goal," Sounders FC head coach Sigi Schmid said. "I was pleased with the way the second group started off. They got the equalizer and then they sort of faded a little bit. Overall I was pleased with what we got out of it and we got a lot of good work, the effort was good from the guys."

Vancouver opened up scoring in the first minute of the match, with Camilo taking a pass from Atiba Harris up the left side, cutting it back to his right foot, then shooting past Michael Gspurning for the goal. On the play, both Camilo and towering Whitecaps forward Eric Hassli were clearly offside, though no call was made, and the Seattle defense was left out of position as a result.

After that goal, Seattle took control of the game, holding most of the possession throughout the opening period, when the two teams were playing with their strongest lineups.

Mauro Rosales and Fredy Montero showed their strengths throughout the first 45-minute period and the club wasn't frazzled by the rough tactics that saw Vancouver pick up two yellow cards in the first 15 minutes of the match one for a high boot from defender Martin Bonjour in the 14th minute that left Mike Fucito hobbled and forced him out of the match before the 30-minute mark.

However, they weren't able to find the equalizer until the second period, when both clubs underwent wholesale changes.

The second period saw a much greater distribution of possession, but it was Seattle that was able to equalize in the early minutes.

David Estrada, who was playing as a forward alongside Sammy Ochoa, made a run up the middle of the field and rolled the ball over to Carrasco on the right corner of the box. The midfielder gathered the ball and shot high and inside the near post for the goal, evening the tally at 1-1.

"Depth is always nice and their mentality right when they came on was good. I thought Estrada was active and caused a lot of problems. I thought that part of it was good," Schmid said. "I saw a lot of good things in that second group."

The final period continued the theme of spirited play, but neither team was able to add to the score line.

4' VAN: Harris cautioned for a harsh foul on Fernandez
14' VAN: Bonjour cautioned for a knee high boot into Fucito
20' SEA: Parke cautioned for a foul on Hassli
74' SEA: Ochoa cautioned for unsporting behavior after being fouled
77' VAN: Boxall cautioned for taking out Estrada at the touch line
94' SEA: Caskey cautioned for a midfield collision
101' SEA: Vanzie cautioned for a hard tackle
103' VAN: Teibert cautioned
110' VAN: Cregg cautioned for an elbow to Vanzie's back
115' SEA: Banton sent off for a two-footed tackle
119' SEA: Gutierres cautioned for a hard tackle

Live blog from Sounders FC:

First Period

Vancouver's Starting XI - Joe Cannon; Alain Rochat, Jay DeMerit, Martin Bonjour, Young-Pyo Lee; Camilo, John Thorrington, Jun Marques Davidson, Atiba Harris; Sebastien Le Toux, Eric Hassli.

Sounders FC Starting XI - Michael Gspurning; Adam Johansson, Jhon Kennedy Hurtado, Jeff Parke, Leo Gonzalez; Mauro Rosales, Osvaldo Alonso, Brad Evans, Alvaro Fernandez; Fredy Montero, Mike Fucito.

The format today will be two 45-minute periods and one 30-minute period.

Seattle is in rave green and Vancouver is in navy blue.

Vancouver took the opening kick and we are under way.

1: Vancouver has two players massively offside and the linesmen lets them play. Camilo puts away the goal and Vancouver is up 1-0.

4: Eric Hassli just fouled Jeff Parke on a free kick - Parke was taking the free kick ... I can't make this stuff up.

4: Atiba Harris is shown a yellow card for a harsh tackle on Alvaro Fernandez against the sideline ... This is getting ugly quick.

8: Osvaldo Alonso misses high on a shot from 35 yards out.

9: Seattle presses into Vancouver's end and earns a corner kick.

9: Mauro Rosales plays the ball into the box from the right side, but Joe Cannon springs the ball and makes the grab.

10: Jeff Parke steps in front of Eric Hassli as the Frenchman strikes from 26 yards out, blocking the shot.

14: Disgraceful tackle by Martin Bonjour as he takes out Mike Fucito on a run up the left side with a knee-high boot. Bonjour gets a yellow card on the play.

17: Another horrible kick to the back of Alvaro Fernandez, this time by Young-Pyo Lee. Foul given at midfield and easily could have been another card.

18: Fucito is back on and makes a run into the box, but Joe Cannon beats him to the ball.

19: Fredy Montero shoots from 24 yards out, but skips it just wide for a goal kick.

20: Eric Hassli took a bit of a stumble and Jeff Parke is shown yellow on the play.

23: Adam Johansson gets up the right side and sends a low cross into the box, but Joe Cannon springs off his line to get to the ball before Mike Fucito can get to it.

Roger Levesque is preparing to enter the match for Mike Fucito, who has a giant cleat mark on his inner thigh from Bonjour's earlier dangerous play. 29: Roger Levesque replaces Mike Fucito.

32: Adam Johansson chips the ball into the box, but Joe Cannon jumps in front of Fredy Montero to make the grab.

34: Osvaldo Alonso is taken down from behind with a hard knee-high tackle. The foul is called, but no card is given.

Seattle has dominated possession, but has not been able to get on the right side of the scoreboard yet.

37: Fredy Montero gets a cross into the box for Roger Levesque. The ball is punched away by Joe Cannon and Vancouver is given a goal kick.

42: Seattle earns another corner kick and keeps the ball in Vancouver's end when their first effort is knocked clear.

45: Seattle gets out on a 4v2 run after Fredy Montero tracks back to pick up possession. Roger Levesque crosses for Alvaro Fernandez, but he's knocked off the ball and Vancouver plays it away as time expires.

Second Period

Sounders FC second period lineup: Andrew Weber; Wes Feighner, Zach Scott, Andrew Duran, Marc Burch; Mike Seamon, Servando Carrasco, Andy Rose, Lamar Neagle; Sammy Ochoa, David Estrada.

Whitecaps second period lineup - Brad Knighton, Jordan Harvey, Carlyle Mitchell, Michael Boxall, Greg Klazura; Darren Mattocks, Floyd Franks, Gershon Koffie, Lee Nguyen; Davide Chiumiento, Omar Salgado.

47: Wes Feighner leads David Estrada up the right side, but his cross is cleared.

48: Servando Carrasco collects the ball in the box and blasts it into the net for a goal. Sounders FC up 1-0 in the second period. The combined score is 1-1.

54: David Estrada gets away up the right side, but his close-range shot is knocked away for a corner kick.

63: Andrew Duran slides in to knock away an attempt into the box from the left side, knocking it away for a corner kick. Vancouver is then called for a foul on the corner kick.

65: Lamar Neagle rips a shot from 28 yards out, but misses just over the crossbar for a goal kick.

68: The ball pinballs around in the box before Andrew Weber finally makes the grab.

71: Marc Burch heads away a ball played into the box from the left side, hitting it away for a corner kick.

72: Marc Burch with another solid play, sliding in to cut off Omar Salgado and Salgado touches it away for a goal kick.

74: Sammy Ochoa is shown a yellow card after he is fouled at midfield. It seems that it was for extra-curriculur activity after the play.

77: Omar Salgado gets a shot away from the right side, but Andrew Weber dives to his left to make the save.

77: Michael Boxall cleans up David Estrada against the sideline for a yellow card.

78: David Estrada takes a pass from Mike Seamon out of the corner and his cross is cut off and knocked away for a corner kick.

84: Seattle presses into the box, but as Vancouver looks to clear it, Sammy Ochoa knocks it down for a handball.

85: David Estrada knocks the ball away from Michael Boxall and runs up the right side. He gets into the box, then rolls it back for Mike Seamon, but his first-time shot misses high for a goal kick.

89: Omar Salgado shoots and Lee Nguyen runs on to deflect the shot past Andrew Weber, but Nguyen is flagged offside.

There is the end of the second period. The Sounders outscore Vancouver 1-0 in the second group and even the total score at 1-1. Still one 30-minute period to play.

Third Period

Sounders FC third period lineup - Bryan Meredith; Amadou Sanyang, Tim Pontius, Harlinton Gutierres, Ever Alvarado; Cordell Cato, Andrew Vanzie, Alex Caskey, Jason Banton; Roger Levesque, Babayele Sodade.

Steve Zakuani, Christian Sivebaeck and Patrick Ianni were all held out of the match today for precautionary reasons.

Whitecaps third period lineup - Andrew Fontein; Russell Teibert, Bilal Duckett, Mitchell, Chris Estridge; Long Tan, Floyd Franks, Patrick Cregg, Michael Nanchoff; Matt Watson, Darren Mattocks.

Just spoke with Mike Fucito - he said that was the worst he's ever been fouled. He's wearing a lot of tape on his leg right now. Mike says, yes, this was worse than the Daniel Hernandez incident in the Open Cup game. We should have an update after the game or tomorrow.

94: Alex Caskey is shown a yellow card after a collision in the middle of the field, 38 yards from goal.

101: Andrew Vanzie is shown yellow after a hard tackle in the midfield.

102: Darren Matocks gets out on a run up the right side, but is flagged offside.

103: Cordell Cato is taken out against the right sideline for a hard foul.

106: Two subs for Vancouver Bryce Alderson in for Floyd Franks and Caleb Clarke on for Darren Mattocks.

110: Patrick Cregg is yellow-carded for an elbow to the back of Andrew Vanzie as they both jump for a 50-50 ball.

112: Vancouver picks up a free kick 27 yards out at the right post.

113: Vancouver shoots off the free kick and Bryan Meredith leaps to make the save.

117: Jason Banton gets into the box up the left side and plays it across the box, but eventually it is touched away for a goal kick.

115: Jason Banton gives chase to a ball at the top of Vancouver's box and slips into a two-footed tackle. He was shown red on the play, which is understandable, but he really did just lose his footing.

119: Matt Watson gets to a ball at the top of the box, but misses well over the crossbar with his shot.

119: Servando Carrasco comes on for Banton after the red card. The teams agreed to let another back onto the field.

119: Harlinton Gutierres is shown a yellow card for a hard tackle 28 yards out on the left side.

There's the final whistle. 1-1 your final score between the Vancouver Whitecaps and your Seattle Sounders.