2012 Mar 26

Sounders draw Reserve League opener in Vancouver

Vancouver Whitecaps Reserves  1 - 1  Seattle Sounders FC Reserves

Thunderbird Stadium, Vancouver, BC

72' SEA: Alex Caskey

90' VAN: Carlyle Mitchell (Omar Salgado)

Vancouver: Brad Knighton; Greg Klazura, Michael Boxall, Carlyle Mitchell, Jordan Harvey (Sam Adekugbe 45'); Ben Fisk (Ben McKendry 53'), Floyd Franks, Gershon Koffie, Kassin Essa (Carlos Marques 63'); Omar Salgado, Long Tan.

Seattle: Bryan Meredith (Andrew Weber 45'); Ian Lange, Daniel Steres, Jeff Parke, Leo Gonzalez; Michael Seamon (Dominique Dismuke 70'), Andy Rose, Servando Carrasco, Christian Sivebęk; Sammy Ochoa, Alex Caskey (Sean Morris 74').

Sounders FC live blog:

We are live now from Thunderbird Stadium on the University of British Columbia campus for the Sounders FC reserve match against the Whitecaps FC.

Sounders FC starters: Bryan Meredith, Ian Lange, Daniel Steres, Jeff Parke, Leo Gonzalez, Michael Seamon, Andy Rose, Servando Carrasco, Christian Sivebęk, Sammy Ochoa, Alex Caskey.

Whitecaps FC starters: Brad Knighton, Greg Klazura, Michael Boxall, Carlyle Mitchell, Jordan Harvey, Ben Fisk, Floyd Franks, Gershon Koffie, Kassin Essa, Omar Salgado, Long Tan.

Seattle has had the better of the ball in the opening nine minutes, with their best chance coming when Christian Sivebęk crossed the ball in from the left side, but Vancouver's defense cleared it from the box.

11: Christian Sivebęk cuts into the box from the left side, but his shot is stopped at the post by Brad Knighton.

12: Mike Seamon and Ian Lange combine to clear a Vancouver corner kick from danger.

14: Christian Sivebęk goes by his defender to the endline, but he recovers and Sivebęk's cross attempt goes wide for a goal kick.

14: Christian Sivebęk and Mike Seamon combine on the left side, but Sivebęk's cross for Sammy Ochoa goes long for a goal kick.

19: Vancouver plays the ball into the box for Omar Salgado, but Bryan Meredith beats him to it and covers the ball for the stop.

20: Sammy Ochoa leads Alex Caskey up the left side, but Caskey's cross for Mike Seamon at the far post is headed clear by Jordan Harvey.

24: Great run of possession for Seattle as they pressure into the box, get nothing from it, but reload for a second run. Alex Caskey hits a shot from the top of the box, but bounces it wide for a goal kick.

26: Alex Caskey battles into the box, but the ball spills wide for a goal kick.

29: Mike Seamon gets out on the run, but is flagged offside.

33: Omar Salgado gets his head to a Floyd Franks free kick, but the ball is cleared away by the defense.

34: Alex Caskey crosses a nice ball through the box and Andy Rose just misses getting on the other end of it with a sliding attempt, but the ball goes through for a Vancouver throw.

36: Daniel Steres is shown a yellow card for a tackle just outside the box.

37: Seattle defends the Vancouver free kick away for a corner, then knocks the corner kick clear.

39: Omar Salgado shoots from the top of the box, the left-footed effort skips outside the far post for a goal kick.

41: Alex Caskey makes a run up left side and blasts a shot, but Brad Knighton jumps to make the save at the near post.

There is the halftime whistle and the two teams go into the break scoreless.

Andrew Weber came on for Bryan Meredith to start the second half.

Sam Ade also came on for Jordan Harvey for Vancouver.

Seattle kicks off to start the second half.

51: Vancouver has the bulk of the possession to start the second half, but Seattle gets the ball into the box only to have Sammy Ochoa whistled for a handball.

54: Michael Seamon hustles to get past his defender on the right side, but his cross is easily cleared.

53: Ben McKendry subbed on for Vancouver, replacing Ben Fisk.

55: Alex Caskey sends a low corner kick to the near post, but it's cleared by the Whitecaps.

56: Sammy Ochoa is knocked to the ground by Michael Boxall in the box, but the push isn't called and Vancouver clears it.

57: Nice bending shot from Christian Sivebęk on the left side, but he missed just outside the far post.

58: Sammy Ochoa thumps a ball from the top of the box on a half-volley, but misses just wide for a goal kick.

62: Ben McKendry gets on the end of a ball at the top of the box, but his thunderous shot misses high.

63: Carlos Marques subs on for Kassin Essa.

66: Alex Caskey gets a shot away from just inside the box, but misses just outside the post.

69: Leo Gonzalez is shown yellow for a tackle in the midfield.

70: Dominique Dismuke subs on for Mike Seamon.

72: Dominique Dismuke gets the ball to Leo Gonzalez running into the box and Gonzalez loses the ball in a scrum, but it falls to Alex Caskey who hammers it into the net for a goal. Sounders FC 1, Whitecaps FC 0.

74: Sean Morris subs on for Alex Caskey.

76: Christian Sivebęk cuts to the middle and shoots from 24 yards out, but Brad Knighton ranges to his right to make the save.

83: Vancouver gets a strong chance away from just outside the box and Andrew Weber makes a diving stop. On the other end Brad Knighton does the same on a shot from Sammy Ochoa.

89: Omar Salgado gets into the box, but he's well-covered by Jeff Parke, who knocks his shot away for a corner kick.

91+: Greg Klazura slides in to cut off Christian Sivebęk in the box and Vancouver presses the other way to earn a corner kick. Andrew Weber punches the corner into the air, then leaps to grab it at the top of the box.

92+: Carlyle Mitchell gets on the end of a cross from the left side and heads it off the crossbar and in for the equalizer. Sounders FC 1, Whitecaps FC 1.

There is the final whistle and the Sounders start the Reserve League season with a 1-1 draw.

36' SEA: Steres cautioned
69' SEA: Gonzalez cautioned