Match Sixteen

Colorado Foxes
July 28, 1995


Hattrup  (S)     6' (1st)
Medved  (S)     23' (2nd)
A good match tonight. A different feel to the team though. With the disco panted one (Jason Dunn) out with a painful looking busted nose and my personal favorite, Dick McCormick out with a season ending knee injury the team looks a bit different. Medved has stepped up action in the middle to make up for McCormick and Farrell does a good job exciting the front end.

Colorado has consistantly been a rough team against the Sounders and tonight's match was no exception. Nothing too egregious, but a very physical side none the less. The ref called a close match. I remember 4 or 5 yellows, maybe more.

The Sounders have taken to wearing their away kits at home. Black instead of purple. I think they are bucking for the gang-wannabe crowd. It would be nice if Nike would market the damn things. Then again, if they can't get the National team jerseys out after a hell-of-a great showing in the US Cup and Copa America, what should I expect? They damn sure got those Italia national team jerseys ready fast...

The first goal was the result of a miss play by the keeper. We had several quick shots on goal, the last by Fry which was blocked but went wide and a bit behind the keeper. Hattrup was within range to beat the keeper and did. He finished nicely. The second goal was pure Medved. A rocket from about 25 yards out. One for the highlight tapes. The keeper never had a chance, poor bloke.

Late in the second half we had many, many chances to bust the match wide open but never connected. Good defensive play on the Foxes part, except for one play... The first of it's kind I think I've seen. The ball was played back to their keeper via someone foot. The keeper scooped it up with his mits and we were given a free kick inside the box. It took me a moment to figure out what Hattrup was yelling about (it seems like he's always yelling at the ref). Then I remembered the no-hands-w hen-played-back-with-feet rule.

It's late, I'm going to bed. If I remember more I add it later...

BTW, remember to root for Hahnemann at the Parmalat Cup next weekend!

What a brutal way to get your caps. Does it have to be against Parma? Ouch! Sam's Army is pulling for you though. Meola can keep selling wieners in the Northeast. We'll take a dedicated, working player between the poles. My only advice to you is: don't forget to spit out the Copenhagen!

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