Match Eighteen

Atlanta Ruckus
August 11, 1995


Atlanta wins shootout.

Fashanu (A)  ~12'  (1st)
Hattrup (S)   29'  (2nd)
Today's match report comes from Mark Coker who watched it on the tele:
Seattle started this one on their heels, missing Wade Webber, who was on suspension for an accumulation of yellow cards. Atlanta took the play to them early, earning a number of fouls in the attacking third. At 12 minutes, Atlanta took advantage. A strong free kick by Moore just outside the area, could only be parried by Hahnemann. Fashanu was on the spot to cash in the rebound. One-nil Atlanta.

Early on, Seattle had a hard time building the attack. Doyle was strong in the middle, and got help from Murray in repelling Seattle's Route 1 style. At about 20 minutes the momentum started to shift to Seattle. At 24 minutes Fry beat, no obliterated, an offsides trap and should have had the patience to equalize. By halftime the Sounders got into a rhythm and were knocking passes around the pitch in a very comfortable fashion.

Rizi, who did a good job marking Fashanu, gave way to Farrell, which had a positive effect on the attack, as evidenced by more wing play. At 74 minutes Hattrup hit a nice in- swinger from the left side, which I was forced to see on the replay, as Prime was showing another replay when the ball went in. Looks like Doyle got a touch on it, but take nothing away from Hattrup--it was a great shot.

Things got a little hectic both ways after the Seattle equalizer, with both teams looking to avoid the cruelty of the shootout. Unfortunately, it wasn't to be, and I was forced to see the "breakaway exhibition" for the first time this season. Surely calling a match a tie is less painful to the players and the fans than this load of crap. What's funny is that all the traditional post-match handshakes, etc. are performed prior to the shootout. That tells me that's what the players see as the end of the match.

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