Match Nineteen

New York
August 16, 1995


Eales (NY)   12'  (2nd)

Attendance: 4,077
Well the Donkey Boys just handed us our first back-to-back defeats of the season. We had several good shots on goal and even more bad shots. The player of the match was the New York keeper, St Andre. He made some great saves and really won the game for them.

Their goal was a wild breakaway by Eales that was perfectly played. He got possession and flat booked down the right side of the field. Just outside the box he stuck a perfectly arcing shot that chipped Hahnemann and curved right under the center of the cross bar.

The Sounders played well, really well at times, but the machine wasn't quite clicking. The reason is undoubtably the many new faces on the pitch. Dominic Kinnear (#24) had a great showing. He is definitely an excellent replacement for McCormick. He even got his first yellow in his first match. I like that. Haynes (#17) is our other new player. He is on the Trinidad/Tobago national squad and was signed from Colorado. He also showed well. Mark Wheeler's page says:

Brian Haynes        F  32  6'0"  170   Kansas City (NPSL)
Well, we'll try to forget about that indoor reference... Both these players have great feet. Great ball control. A Super Ultras welcome to both lads!

Other changes included the front line. Hattrup and Fry, no sign of Jason Dunn. Crook was in back for his first start of the season. Let's hope Hinton gets the team stabilized before the playoffs.

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