Match Twenty-Four


September 9, 1995

Hattrup  (S)  '62
Mobilio  (V)   '74
Jason Dunn  (S)   '80 '90

Shots:  Seattle 19; Vancouver 17
Saves:  Seattle (Hahnemann) 6; Vancouver (Dolan) 4
Cautions:  Seattle - 78 Hattrup
Attendance:  7,239
An exciting end to an interesting season. Those last 10 minutes with Jason Dunn in the house were pure magic. It looked like last year's team. His game winning, flying header almost made my wife wet her pants, "...that was so cool..." Who knows where the Sounders will be next year? Where ever they are, I'll be watching. Once again, this report comes from Ron Stickney.

Seattle: #18 Marcus Hahnemann (G), #19 James Dunn (79 #13 Jason Dunn), #2 Wade Webber, #4 Neil Megson, #6 Billy Crook, #17 Brian Haynes (68 Marco Rizi), #24 Dominic Kinnear, #11 Shawn Medved, #10 Peter Hattrup, #13 Jason Farrell, #9 Chance Fry
Vancouver: #29 Dolan, #21 Valentine, #18 Knezevic, #3 Nico Berg, #16 Doug McKinty (59 #11 Sumner), #7 Paul Dailly, #17 Giuliano Oliveiro, #4 Mike Dodd, #6 Jeff Aunger (46 #15 Slater), #14 Rob Reed (64 #10 Mobilio), #20 Marty Nash

 From the opening kickoff, Vancouver applied relentless pressure, even when Seattle's defenders had the ball in their own half. This made it difficult for Seattle to sustain an attack. But, could Vancouver keep up that work rate for 90 minutes?

 Vancouver got most of the opportunities in the opening ten minutes. 86er Nash got the game's first two shots, the first sent over the bar from 25 yards and the second from closer, saved by Hahnemann.

 Jason Farrell got Seattle's first good shot at the 10 minute mark. He received a low drive from his keeper on the left touch line, juked two defenders and shot hard, just wide right. At 19 minutes, Brian Haynes shot hard from the left side and forced Dolan's first save.

 At 31 minutes, 86er Jeff Aunger fed ahead to Giuliano Oliviero, who was open and close. Oliviero's shot was saved by Hahnemann.

 At the half, each team had taken ten shots, but the keepers had kept their nets empty.

 Vancouver's Slater replaced Aunger for the second half. In the opening minute, Seattle's Farrell broke up the left touch line and headed for goal. His shot from the corner of the goal area was smothered by Dolan. Six minutes later, Farrell headed sharply on goal from a corner kick. The shot appeared to have beaten Dolan, but an 86er cleared the ball from the goal line.

 At 59 minutes, Valentine's line drive was just wide right. Vancouver's Sumner came on for McKinty.

 The first goal came at 62 minutes. Hahnemann's long punt was headed down by, I think, Chance Fry to Peter Hattrup's feet. Hattrup beat two defenders, then muscled free of a defender who was holding him as he entered the penalty area. Hattrup blasted a shot from the right side into the side netting.

 Two minutes later 86er Mobilio came on for Rob Reed in what would prove to be an effective substitution. Then Marco Rizi replaced Brian Haynes to freshen Seattle's midfield.

 Vancouver knotted the score at 1-1 in the 74th minute. A Vancouver free kick was headed out of the area by Seattle, then shot back in on goal by Nico Berg. Keeper Hahnemann would have had Burr's shot, but Mobilio deflected it toward the opposite side of the goal and in.

 At 78 minutes, Hattrup got frustrated after almost breaking free at the penalty arc and then tripped the 86er who stole the ball. The referee promptly showed Hattrup the yellow card.

 Seattle's Jason Dunn came on for his twin brother, James, at 79 minutes and put Seattle ahead within 30 seconds! Farrell sprinted up the left touch line with the ball and launched a beautiful, curving cross. Jason Dunn came sprinting in at full speed to head the ball into the net with authority.

 At 84 minutes, Valentine dribbled through into the penalty area and got off a good, low shot that was well saved by Hahnemann. Then Hattrup's throw-in sailed over everyone and was headed on goal by Chance Fry, but saved by a diving Dolan. Mobilio took a long shot that just barely went over the crossbar.

 In the final minute, Hattrup's throw-in was trapped by Fry at the goal line. Fry slid the ball nicely to a running Jason Dunn, who powered a low shot just inside the left post. Final score was 3-1 Seattle.

 With this win, Seattle has pulled into first place alone, but Montreal can tie them for the league crown with a win at New York in a game reportedly relocated and rescheduled for Monday.

 Seattle's first game of the playoffs will be away on Friday, September 15. Seattle's first home game of the playoffs will be on Sunday, September 17, at 4:00.


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