Match Three

Vancouver 86ers
May 20, 1995

Seattle - Vancouver
      3 - 1

McCormick (S)    39' (1st)
Hattrup (S)       6' (2nd)
Heale (S)        23' (2nd)
Slater (V)       44' (2nd)

Attendance: 4,225
Overall a much improved Sounders side showed up Saturday night. The passing is starting to come together, good ball control and they are starting to make things happen up front. Unlike the season opener, the forwards were breaking loose and getting real chances on goal. Jason Dunn was once again a constant threat (as he should be). Still remaining are the occasional passes to no one. They are certainly not up to last years form, but they should be within the next couple games.

Standouts in my book were Hattrup and McCormick, though not for the same reason. Hattrup had a great game. His ball control has always been excellent, but last year I thought he lacked any measure of aggressiveness. That has changed. He now appears to be a man driven. His breakaway second goal was a perfect example. From my vantage point I could see the fear in the keeper's eyes. Peter routinely leaves defenders picking up their jocks. The poor goalkeeper never had a chance.

Now McCormick... I think Dick is shaping up to be our goon. He always seems to be in the fray. Of course the scuffles are not always his fault, but you begin to wonder what he is saying down there to piss off so many of the players. His skills are not in question, he make plays happen and really helps get things moving. I guess we'll have to wait and see how he develops.

Oh yeah, once again there were no time outs, TV or otherwise. Keep it up Hinton!

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