Match Seven

Montreal Impact
June 16, 1995


Hattrup (S) 27' (1st)
            39' (2nd)
Once again the match report comes from Mark Coker watching from Rhode Island:

I can't say enough how much it pains me to have to watch these matcheson the telly. First, it means I'm not in Memorial Stadium. Second, it means that I'm forced (well I guess I could turn on the mute switch) to listen to two hacks (some play-by-play guy and Rick Davis) who must believe they're getting paid by the word. Judging by these guys, you'd think the football world revolves around Paulinho (doesn't he look like generic country singer with the beard and mudflap hairdon't?). But the guy around wh om it does was in Seattle tonight.

Hats off to the Seattle central defense. With one exception, no real threats on the Seattle goal. Chewy (Hahnemann) owes James Dunn a cold one (or a fresh can) for saving the clean sheet. Yet Montreal kept forcing the high balls, only to be repelled by Megson and Webber. Fry had a bad day at the office. One guy who I thought didn't see enough ball was Hoggan. I like his patience and his vision when he gets the ball.

Man of the match: Hattrup, sensa dubbio. He's winning more of 1v2 duels in the corner than he did in the Colorado match, something I noticed in the Vancouver match on the telly. He's got to be a lock for the all-star match.

No sightings of the BAF (Don Crafts' Big-Ass-Flag), but I did notice the Forza Baggio sign on the railing.

One final note. Somebody on the NAS mailing list commented about the Sounders having an advantage playing on the fakegrass. I'm sure it's true, but I can't help but believe that the Sounders would be an even more dangerous side if they were able to play their matches on a wide, grass field.

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