Match Nine

Atlanta Ruckus
June 24, 1995


Jason Dunn (S)   8' (1st)

Attendance:  3,518
This was a fun game. However, I was out with friends before the match and arrived late (missing the one goal) and a bit, shall we say, jolly. So once again I'm gonna pull information from the newspapers. It's a good thing I'm not making money off this page!

Jason Dunn's early goal and solid goaltending by Marcus Hahnemann lifted the Sounders back into first place in the A-League last night with a 1-0 victory over Atlanta.

This was Hahnemann's fourth shutout, all at home. He made four noteworthy saves last night and got help in the second half when Wade Webber cleared a dangerous ball off the goal line in the 62nd minute.

Coach Alan Hinton said, "Marcus Hahnemann played brilliantly. High shots. Low shots. Point-blank shots. Bravery. Strength. Amazing, amazing performance."

Hinton was more excited about the performance than Hahnemann, who said he was fortunate he wasn't screened on any of his saves. "When you see a shot come through all the way, you have a much better chance of saving it," he said.

Marcus did have a great game but I saw Webber save his bacon at least once. The ball looked to be within a foot of rolling in when Webber sent it into the stands. It turns out Marcus and I would wind up taking the same ferry home to Bainbridge. My wife and I sat and talked with him and his wife (?) for about 20 minutes while we waited for the boat to arrive. Real friendly, talkative folks.

Dunn scored at 8:32 with a 14-yard rebound of a shot taken by Peter Hattrup. "It squirted out and my eyes got big and I went straight to the ball and I slotted it home," Dunn said.

Dunn almost scored again five minutes later when he intercepted a lazy Atlanta pass back to the goalkeeper. Dunn's shot hit the right post.

Hahnemann made one of his best saves early when Staale Soebye got past James Dunn and fired on a breakaway. Hahnemann made the save with his left hand. In the 36th minute, he stopped Bruce Murray, who got loose in front of the goal.

In the second half, Hahnemann made chest saves of two line drives fired by Lenin Steenkamp, the no. 3 scorer (5 goals) who was a surprise nonstarter. The explanation: "Coach's decision."

Hinton replaced starting forward Chance Fry with Gary Heale in the 37th minute. Hinton and Fry appeared to exchange angry words on the bench when Fry left the game. Hinton later said, "I took him out because he wasn't playing well."

I joined the team after the match at T.S. McHugh's, the nearby Irish bar. Quite a scene. You wouldn't believe the groupies that hangout around these guys.

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