U.S. Open Cup Round of 16

Everett Bigfoot
June 14, 1995

Seattle - Everett
      9 - 2

Farrell (S)  12' (1st)                                                     
Medved (S) 26', 33', 41' (1st)                                             
Jason Dunn (S) 37' (1st)                                                   
James Dunn (S) 9' (2nd)                                                    
Hattrup (S) 13' (2nd)                                                      
Storkson (S) 15' (2nd)                                                     
Fry (S) 24' (2nd)                                                          
Machado (E) 40', 44' (2nd) 
This match report comes courtesy of Ron Stickney:

On a rainy Seattle evening, the Sounders were in fine form for this US Open Cup first round match and the BigFoot went to school. They played at Lake Washington High School stadium, astroturf of course since the Sounders got to choose the pitch. The BigFoot normally play on grass.

12:00 Sounders - Jason Farrell (Peter Hattrup): Farrell headed in a long cross from Hattrup.

26:00 Sounders - Shawn Medved (Chance Fry): From near the goal line to the right of the goal, Fry passed back to Medved near the center of the 18-yard line and Medved shot inside the right post first touch.

33:00 Sounders - Shawn Medved (unassisted): Jason Dunn shot hard from 15 yards out directly in front of the goal. Medved headed in the rebound from the keeperUs hands.

37:00 Sounders - Jason Dunn (Dick McCormick): On a counterattack, McCormick sent a 50-yard pass across the field and ahead to a breaking Jason Dunn. Dunn saw that the keeper was off his line and shot over the keeper from 35 yards out.

41:00 Sounders - Shawn Medved (Dick McCormick): Medved received a cross from McCormick and shot straight in from 25 yards out to get his hat trick.

Halftime: Sounders 5 - 0 BigFoot

54:00 Sounders - James Dunn (Jason Dunn): On a free kick 30 yards out and near the left touch line, Jason Dunn passed square to his brother James Dunn, who shot just inside the far post for his first professional goal. James plays as a fullback.

58:00 Sounders - Peter Hattrup (Jason Farrell): Farrell crossed to the far post from the right corner and Hattrup volleyed the ball into the net.

60:00 Sounders - Erik Storkson (Kieran Barton): Storkson, who had just come on for Jason Dunn, headed in a long pass forward from Barton.

69:00 Sounders - Chance Fry (Peter Hattrup): Hattrup deflected a corner kick across the goal mouth and Fry sent the ball home near the far post.

85:00 BigFoot - Danny Machado (Gerd Strom): Near the penalty spot, Machado headed in a cross from Strom.

89:00 BigFoot - Danny Machado (Todd Haley): Machado received the ball from Haley ten yards out with his back to the goal, spun to the outside to beat the defender on his back, and beat the keeper with a low shot.

Side Notes: Dusty Hudock, sans hair, played in goal the whole game for the Sounders. He held a shutout until, with 10 minutes left, the Sounders pulled two men off the pitch to avoid running their score up further.

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