U.S. Open Cup Round of 8

Chico Rooks
July 21, 1995


Fry  (S)        1' (1st)
Webber  (S)    40' (1st)
Storkson  (S)   8' (2nd)
Medved    (S)  29' (2nd)
Storkson  (S)  49' (2nd)

Attendance:  717
This match report comes courtesy of Peter McKay:

Seattle started it first string, except for the keeper. They scored on their second possesion in the penalty box when Dedini couldn't contain Fry's shot. After the ball dribbled past the keeper, Chance knocked it into the back of the net. Chico started the match slowly and Seattle would go on to dominate play for 90% of the match.

The referee missed a Chico player punch Jason Dunn in the nose in ~8th min. His nose is severly broken and he likely will be out for several weeks/months.

"Oh boy. This isn't good." - Mark Coker

Ritz broke free early in the first half and lobbed a shot wide left after Huddock (backup GK) was 25 yards off his line. Dusty looked a bit shaky in the first half, but appeared stronger in the second. Chico got off more shots, occasionally finding Dusty not controlling the save. However, the back line came through when necessary.

With Erik playing in replace of Jason, Seattle's strategy was to lobb the ball toward Erik for a head shot. After several beautiful headers stopped by Dedini, Storkson's head finally connected with a shot to beat the keeper.

Throughout the match, the Seattle mid field and attack controlled much of the possession and clearly looked more poised on the artificial turf. Chico had difficulty marking Hattrup on the left wing. And Seattle could easily change attack sides if one became cluttered.

Chance was pulled down in the box in the 71st min. But Hattrup's penalty kick to his right was stopped by Dedini.

The play really got sloppy during the last 5 minutes. And Seattle paid the price with a couple yellow cards.

Man of the match: Nominations are Fry, Storkson & Hattrup. Any one will do. (Ron, who'd you pick?)

The last time I saw a one-sided match was when Seattle lost to the Canadian National Team last January.

Next US Open Cup match for the Sounders is against El Paso Patriots. Date and place to be announced later.


 1 Dusty Huddock
19 James Dunn
 2 Wade Webber
 3 Doug Morrill  (out injured in ~75th min. & not replaced)
 4 Neil Megson  22 Kieran Barton (67th min.)
20 Marco Rizi
11 Shawn Medved
26 David Hoggan
10 Peter Hattrup
 9 Chance Fry
14 Jason Dunn  23 Erik Storkson (11th min.)


 1 Randy Dedini
11 Jeremy Gunn
 2 Joe Alvelais
 6 Chris Fisher  20 Felipe Turnero (56th min.)
 4 Eric Descomez
10 Scott Wulferdigen
13 Lance Walker  7 Maricio Dameleo (65th min.)
15 Joe Wolner
 9 Dean Freeman
 8 Roman Ritz
 5 Raol Oliva

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