Player's 1995 Championship Stats

Name Position # SF1 SF2 F1 F2 F3
Chance Fry Forward 9
Jason Dunn Forward 14
Brian Haynes Forward 17
Jason Farrell For/Mid 13
Erik Storkson Forward 23
Gary Heale Forward 21
Peter Hattrup Midfielder 10
Dominic Kinnear Midfielder 24
David Hoggan Midfielder 26
Dick McCormick Midfielder 5
Shannon Murray Midfielder 8
Shawn Medved Midfielder 11
Derek Crothers Midfielder 15
Kieran Barton Midfielder 22
Wade Webber Defender 2
Doug Morrill Defender 3
Neil Megson Defender 4
Billy Crook Defender 6
Bernie James Defender 7
James Dunn Defender 19
Marco Rizi Defender 20
Marcus Hahnemann Goal Keeper 18
Dusty Hudock Goal Keeper 1


 Started        Came in       Injured List     Red Carded

    On the bench   Came out      Scored           Yellow Carded

[This format rightously pilfered from the Íslenski Boltinn (Iceland) site.]

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