Sounders Header May 31, 1996

Rochester Rhinos  1 - 1  Seattle Sounders
(Seattle wins shootout)

Marinaro  (R)  56'
Fry  (S)       88'

Rochester: #1 Bill Andracki, #4 Leon Minott, #5 Yuri Smotrich, #6 Rene Rivas, #14 Gustavo Villagra, #21 Hector Marinaro, #9 Danny Kelly, #7 Zoran Karic (80' #18 Carl Hopfinger), #10 Yogi McKay, #19 Doug Miller, #12 Gustavo Romanello.
Seattle: #18 Marcus Hahnemann (GK), #19 James Dunn, #6 Billy Crook, #3 Doug Morrill (80' #15 Tom Bialek), #2 Wade Webber, #4 Neil Megson, #5 Dick McCormick, #10 Joey Leonetti (71' #8 Nate Daligcon), #13 Jason Farrell, #9 Chance Fry, #14 Jason Dunn.
Yellow cards: Rochester - 53' McKay for hard foul on Leonetti, 72' McKay for wasting time on throw-in; Seattle - 64' Megson for hard foul on Rivas.
Sent Off: Rochester - 72' McKay for second caution.
Offside: Rochester 2, Seattle 4.
Other Fouls: Rochester 14, Seattle 8.
Corner Kicks: Rochester 2, Seattle 5.
Shots: Rochester 22, Seattle 13.
Saves: Andracki 4, Hahnemann 6.
Attendance: sellout, whatever that adds up to.
Match report by Ron Stickney:
The new Rochester Rhinos outplayed the Seattle Sounders in front of a sellout home crowd and a national Prime Sports audience for 80 minutes, but gave up a goal to Seattle's Chance Fry in the 88th minute to draw. Rochester's goal came in the 58th from a 25-yard rocket shot by Hector Marinaro. The shootout went to the seventh round, with Seattle's Tom Bialek notching the winning goal and Marcus Hahnemann saving the next shot by Rochester's Rene Rivas.

The first half was half over before either side earned a good shot. Sounder Jason Dunn beat two defenders along the left touchline and broke in for a breakaway shot under pressure, but shanked his shot. A minute later Chance Fry forced the games first save by Bill Andracki. Ten minutes later player/coach Neil Megson, and a bit later Dick McCormick, shot hard but at Andracki. Seattle back Doug Morrill made several promising overlaps up the left side, but couldn't make that last pass to set up a goal.

With ten minutes left in the half, Doug Miller's chipped shot forced the first save by Seattle keeper Marcus Hahnemann. A minute later Gustavo Romanello broke through for a one-on-one but Hahnemann came out to save with a block. The rebound went right back to Romanello, whose second shot just missed the upper right corner. Near the end of the half Zoran Karic shot just wide left, then Rivas shot just over from 16 yards, leaving the score at the half nil-nil.

Rochester midfielder Yogi McKay earned his first yellow card early in the second half for a hard foul on Joey Leonetti.

Rochester broke the scoring ice on a corner kick play at 58 minutes. McKay's short corner kick along the goal line was dropped by Rene Rivas to Hector Marinaro, whose 25-yard rocket glanced off Chance Fry's shoulder halfway to the goal. The deflection sent the ball just under the crossbar just before Hahnemann could get his hands up.

In the 64th Megson got the yellow card for a hard foul on Rivas. At 71' Nate Daligcon came on for Leonetti.

In a counterattack at 74', Karic bent a shot around Hahnemann but just missed the upper right corner. Three minutes later Hahnemann came out to make a great save on the speedy Miller's shot. Two minutes later Miller broke through again and Hahnemann came out to save, knocking the ball to Karic, who injured his leg on his wide shot. Karic was replaced by Carl Hopfinger, and Seattle's Tom Bialek came on for Doug Morrill to generate more offense in the closing minutes.

With eight minutes to go, Rhino McKay earned his second yellow, and hence the red, for wasting time by deliberately tossing the ball toward the bench instead of onto the field on a throw-in.

Seattle finally scored in the 88th with a triple-header from Jason Farrell's long throw-in from the right side. Megson flicked the ball on with his head, then Wade Webber flicked it on to Chance Fry, who headed into the goal at the far post. At the final whistle, 1-1.

Shootout (Seattle shot first):

Seattle                         Rochester
------------                    ------------
Jason Dunn 0 (hit left post)    Smotrich   1
Megson     1                    Marinaro   1
Farrell    1                    Kelly      1
McCormick  1                    Miller     0 (hit left post)
Fry        0 (just wide left)   Villagra   0 (hand save)
------------                    ------------
Crook      0 (wide left)        Romanello  0 (foot save)
Bialek     1                    Rivas      0 (chest save)
Seattle won the shootout 4 goals to 3.

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