Sounders Header July 4, 1997

Milwaukee Rampage 1 - 2 Seattle Sounders (golden goal)
Berdusco (M) 8
Gelvezon (S) 75
Aunger (S) 92

You have two match reports from which to choose.  The first is from the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.  The other is from NAS netizen Steve "Pudgy" DeRose and is published below:

4 July 1997: Milwaukee, WI.; Uihlein Soccer Park. Attendance = 2877.

RAMPAGE    1    0    0  =  1
SOUNDERS   0    1    1  =  2

        Eddy Berdusco (Mike Gentile) 8'; Paul Gelvezon (Michael Gailey, Mark Watson) 75', Geoff Aunger (Dave Hoggan) 92'.

RAMPAGE (Diadora: White|Black|White): Carmine Isacco; Casey Sweeney, Dino Lopez (Josh Timbers 46'), Quinn Ross, Peter Gansler; Mike Huwiler, Jon Szczepanski (Nick Igel 56'), Mike Gentile, Jason Willan; Travis Roy, Eddy Berdusco (Jarek Cecherz 75').

SOUNDERS (Nike: all Black- United Airlines advert):  Dusty Hudock; Bernie James (Derek Crothers 71'), Bryan McNiel, Scott Jenkins, Mark Watson; Neil Megson (Paul Gelvezon 69'), Geoff Aunger, Peter Hattrup, David Hoggan; Mike Gailey, "Chugger" Adair (Kieran Barton 80').

RAMPAGE               SOUNDERS
   10   Shots           14
    7   Saves            1
   14   Fouls            9
    5   Offsides         3
    4   Corners          4

Discipline:  RAMPAGE = T. Roy [C] 51' {Dissent-coupled w| B. James
beneath}, M. Huwiler [C] 71' {Foul Tackle}, M. Gentile [C] 73' {Foul
Tackle}. SOUNDERS = D. Hoggan [C] 29' {Foul Tackle}, G. Aunger [C] 50'
{Foul Tackle}, B. James [C] 51' {Dissent-coupled w| T. Roy above}, S.
Jenkins [C] 68' {Holding}.

Referee = Marcel Yonan
AR1 = Carl Schwartz
AR2 = Sarah Kazlauskas
4th Official = Steve Mott

        The Seattle SOUNDERS defeat the MilwauKee RAMPAGE on the Golden Goal by Geoff Aunger 1-2, in the 92nd minute. All the goals were scored at the north end of the field.
        Despite the match going to overtime, the result was square. The SOUNDERS began the game with an impressive display of one-touch passing, quick field switching, and intriguing salvos at the RAMPAGE goal.
        So, this being soccer, the first goal went to the RAMPAGE, against the run of play, in the 8th minute. After a foul on M. Watson, the restart by M. Gentile was looped over the defense to E. Berdusco. He moved in on the right wing, and pushed the ball low to D. Hudock's right. On the RAMPAGE's first series of possession in the SOUNDERS' half, they had a goal.
        RAMPAGE gained some stability from this goal, but still allowed the SOUNDERS some superb chances. P. Hattrup bypassed C. Sweeney on the right wing, and played a cross into the box where G. Aunger first timed the ball and drew a keen right foot save from C. Isacco. (12') Then P. Hattrup was served and had a good portion of the net at which to shoot  from on the right wing, but elected to try & nutmeg C. Isacco. He shut  the door. (16')
        RAMPAGE were playing with one or two detached forwards, E.  Berdusco & T. Roy. On the bulk of SOUNDERS' assaults on their half, it  was common to find five to eight RAMPAGE players in the vicinity.  Halftime came and I could sense that the SOUNDERS definitely had
a goal in them, but would it come soon enough to give them the chance to garner the three points?
        From the other posts to NAS, I was paying attention to the  on-field activity of SOUNDERS' "Chugger" Adair. I agree with those who  see him more frequently. Indoors, he is a potential threat, even with  his back to the goal, because of his size & strength. Outdoors, he seems  insignificant. He is not presenting a target for teammates. When a high cross is played toward him, he does not get to it. He should be far, far  more trouble to the opposition's defense. But he wasn't tonight. This seems to be his norm. Perhaps he'll be traded to the Seattle SEA DOGS [CISL] for Jean Harbor. That might help both teams.
        Similarly, Bernie James hasn't changed his playing style since I saw him last. I committed an error in that last scrawl. Bernie James and "style" do not belong in the same sentence. If he does stuff like this in Guatemala, he _will ensure_ that the neutrals in the stands will convert to whomever-the-SOUNDERS-are-playing supporters. (Can you say 'ugly American', sports fans? I knew you could.)
       Eddy Berdusco has added some spice to the RAMPAGE lineup. He has good ball possession skills, and can temporize when his support is slow in arriving. It was requested often tonight. I can only surmise that he is still not quite fit to play 90 minutes. When this occurs, then RAMPAGE will have a potential threat at all times. I could not see RAMPAGE winning after he was substituted in the 75th minute.
        The RAMPAGE's packing the middle was finally thwarted, when on a restart in their shallowest midfield, M. Watson's right-to-left angling cross was flicked onto the left wing by M. Gailey (_not_ Adair, who was nearby) where substitute P. Gelvezon swiftly got to the ball and zapped it by a moving C. Isacco (a grass-cutter to the far post, C. Isacco's left) in the 75th minute. There was space because of the positioning RAMPAGE had to take up on the free kick.
        SOUNDERS continued their assault on RAMPAGE's goal. C. Isacco had to lunge, punch, and hurl himself at crosses, shots, and through  balls. He got to one such micro-seconds before P. Hattrup could redirect it past him. But the whistle for full time blew. Purists may scoff, but this was one time when I felt there would be a winner in the overtime.
It might even matter whether someone received a second caution from our referee, Marcel Yonan (who is in the MLS pool).
        I was astute. On the second SOUNDERS corner kick in overtime, a  foul was given against Quinn Ross. In the ensuing restart, a RAMPAGE  thwart of a cross bounded onto the far right wing. D. Hoggan collected  it, turned his body, and served the keen cross for G. Aunger near the  far post. He headed it true (belt-level to C. Isacco's right).
        The RAMPAGE host the Columbus CREW of MLS in an exhibition on  Sunday at 1300 [CT] hours at Uihlein Park. Whether the CREW will be  allowed to play Brad Friedel and their other disciplined players from  Friday's MLS  match is unclear. The RAMPAGE's next A-League match will  be this Friday v. the Orange County ZODIAC. The SOUNDERS shall play the
Minnesota THUNDER on Sunday @ Minnesota in the A-League 'Game of the  Week' telecast with Derek Rae and Farukh Quiraishi. [Prime Network]

        Steve "Pudgy" De Rose   3=D>

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