Sounders Header September 14, 1997

A-League Playoff Quarterfinals, Game Three (30 minutes)

Seattle Sounders 1 - 1 Vancouver EightySixers (Seattle loses crapshootout)
Mobilio (V) 7
Storkson (S) 29

Seattle: Hudock; James, Jenkins, Barton; Kinoshita, Figueroa, Hoggan, Hattrup (16' Gelvezon), Gailey; Rodriguez, Storkson.

Vancouver: Shepherd; Franks, Sumner, Skinner; Dalrymple, Dailly, Heald (30' Muirhead), I. Clarke, Kindel; Jordan (23' C. Clarke), Mobilio.

Cautions: none

Shots: Sea 8, Van 4
Saves: Hudock 1; Shepherd 1
Corners: Sea 2, Van 1
Fouls: Sea 5, Van 4
Offside: Sea 0, Van 0

Ron Stickney writes:

While neither team could score in the full game two, the Seattle Sounders and the Vancouver 86ers each scored once in the 30-minute mini-game. Vancouver went up early when Domenic Mobilio shot in Oliver Heald's corner kick. Seattle scored in the final 2 minutes when Erik Storkson headed in Scott Jenkins' free kick. Vancouver won the CrapShootout to take the Pacific Division title and advance to the semifinals, a.k.a. Western Conference championship series.

Vancouver took the early shots. First, Paul Dailly tried a 20-yarder, but missed by a lot. From Chris Franks' free kick, Mobilio's header out from the far post just missed the top near corner.

7' Mobilio (Heald). Heald's corner kick from the right went over the crowd and was shot low through the crowd and into the net by Mobilio.

Some nice passes in Seattle's penalty area set up Steve Kindel for a shot from close in on the left, but Dusty Hudock blocked the shot and Bernie James cleared it from in front of the goal. Mobilio took a 25-yard free kick and sent it over the bar.

Down to the final four minutes, Seattle got a couple of pokes at goal when David Hoggan's corner kick rattled around in front of the goal, but goalkeeper Paul Shepherd blocked one and the other went wide of goal.

29' Storkson (Jenkins). Jenkins curled in a long free kick from up the left touch line. Storkson got head and shoulders above the crowd at the penalty spot to head the ball sharply into the top tight corner, one of the best goals I've seen this year.

The 1-1 draw led to another CrapShootout, this one won by Vancouver.


Vancouver                      Seattle
------------                   ------------
Mobilio    1                   James      0 (wide right)
I. Clarke  1                   Hoggan     0 (wide right)
Kindel     1                   Figueroa   1
Muirhead   0 (wide left)       Rodriguez  0 (deflected wide)
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