Sounders Header April 4, 1998

Seattle Sounders  2 - 0  Mexican All-Stars
Pete's Pool Stadium, Enumclaw, WA
Preseason friendly

Kinoshita (S) 47
Fry (S) 74

Seattle: Dusty Hudock (46' Preston Burpo), Bernie James (46' George Singh), Scott Jenkins, Brandon Prideaux, Jason Annicchero (80' James), David Hoggan (46' Paul Gelvezon), Neil Megson (46' Ross Tanock), Fabian Davis (46' Kei Kinoshita), Stoner Tadlock, Patrick Beech (46' Chance Fry), Erik Storkson (46' Eugene Poublon).

Mexican All Stars: [The program didn't have numbers and I don't know these guys, other than Fernando Clavijo. The players listed on the program, with no numbers or positions, follows.] Arturo Javier, Saul Ibarra, Ricardo Diaz, Fernando Clavijo (actually Urugauyan), Dagoberto Rodriguez, Marcial Martinez, Damian Los Santos, Sidney Zanin (actually Brazilian), Noe Gomez, Oscar Gomez, Fernando Guzman, Ricardo Benros, Francisco Laurean, Juan Carlos Garzon, Alfredo Hernandez, Mario Antonio Perez, Humberto Nornelas, Martin Guerrero, Hanz Benson (the only blond "Mexican").

Match report from Ron Stickney

After opening their training camp 4 days ago, the Sounders played their first preseason match today against a squad that consisted of predominantly Mexicans, with a few non-Mexicans thrown in. The match produced some entertaining soccer, but would have benefited from a larger field that allowed the team in possession more space to work in. The field was the gridiron-typical 56 yards wide, not unlike what we suffer inside Seattle Memorial Stadium.

After a scoreless first half that produced some acrobatic shots by Jamaican newcomer Patrick Beech (forward, guaranteed crowd pleaser in my humble opinion), a fresh team (6 subs at halftime) came on and struck quickly after the second half kickoff. From the left midfield position, Paul Gelvezon sent a pass across the field and right midfielder Kei Kinoshita ran onto it and hit the net to open the scoring. Interestingly, Kinoshita scored the Sounders' first goal in their first preseason match, against the Yakima Reds, one year ago.

Chance Fry added an insurance goal with a low shot from the left side in the 74th minute that hit the right post and crossed the goal line before goalkeeper Damian Los Santos could gather it in. Los Santos protested that the ball never crossed the line, but referee Frank Gorog, with much more authority in such matters, allowed the goal. Gelvezon again earned the assist.

As one might expect against a team full of Mexicans, the match featured a lot of extracurricular activity. Yellow cards were issued early to Mexican All-Stars Dagoberto Rodriguez and Saul Ibarra, and later to Sounders David Hoggan and candidate Ross Tanock. Missed by the referees was a painful, intentional slap to the ear away from the ball suffered by Paul Gelvezon, but Gelvezon's two assists comprised a reasonable payback of the preferred kind.

The newcomer who impressed the most was Jamaican forward Patrick Beech. If his acrobatic strikes (one forcing an acrobatic save by starting Mexican goalkeeper Arturo Javier) were a hint of things to come, this will be an enjoyable Sounders season to watch. The veteran who impressed the most was left back Scott Jenkins, a second-year player out of the University of Washington. Jenkins was quick and effective as a back, and frequently involved in the attack. The rookie who impressed the most was Brandon Prideaux, playing as right back. Prideaux also showed initiative in going forward in support of the attack, useful with a 4-back system. The transfer who impressed the most was midfielder Fabian Davis, who looked skillful on the attack, especially for a player billed as a defensive midfielder.

Stoner Tadlock, acquired from the Colorado Foxes, looked reliable, but his hair was a disappointment. From the previous few seasons, I recall Tadlock sporting dreadlocks. Now that the Sounders have signed three players with caps for the Jamaican national team, Tadlock showed up with a crewcut!

Jason Annicchero impressed as center back, proficient in the air. Annicchero left the game late, injured, but hopefully not seriously. Strange, but Annicchero seemed to play much more cleanly as a Sounder than I remember him playing as a California Jaguar last year!

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