1999 April 10

Seattle Sounders 4 - 0 Mayas
King County Fairgrounds (a.k.a. Pete's Pool Stadium), Enumclaw, WA
Preseason Friendly

25 SEA: Megson (Jenkins)
26 SEA: Storkson
33 SEA: Megson (Cowell)
60 SEA: Barton (Greenwood)

SEA: Preston Burpo (Bill May 32, Peter Van de Ven 63); Bernie James, Jason Annicchero (Craig Waibel 45), Randy Mann (George Singh 45); Neil Megson (Travis Pozega 73), Scott Jenkins (Justin Stoddard 45), Scott Cannon, Kieran Barton; Nick Kalafatich, Troya Cowell (Ian Russell 45), Erik Storkson (Ricci Greenwood 45).

Mayas: Sergio Murguia (Roberto Marcotto 45); Ignacio Garcia, Gabriel Cejudo, Noe Sahagun, Cruz Velasco; Marcos Perez (Carba Garzon 64), Jaime Rodriguez (Mauricio Navarrete 69), Sidney Zanin (Jamie Huerta 62), Marcelo Sulantay; Alfredo Cejudo, Francisco Mantoya (Humberto Ornelas 42, Hector Lucas 67).

Match report based on the Sounders news release:

In a "rematch" of a 1998 preseason friendly, the Seattle Sounders travelled to Enumclaw for a match against the Mayas, who were top players from a local Hispanic league. This year the Sounders won 4-0; last year it had been 2-0. Coach Neil Megson made bettter of his opportunities than he had a week earlier, scoring two goals. Erik Storkson and Kieran Barton added the other goals. Preston Burpo, Bill May and Peter Van de Ven again split the playing time into thirds for a combined shutout.

Three candidates not seen inearlier preseason matches played for the Sounders: MLS veteran Scott Cannon (from the Columbus Crew), Nick Kalafadich (from the Hibernian and Caledonian FC) and Travis Podega. Another candidate, Tsuyoshi Takano, was present but did not play.
First Half

MLS veteran Scott Cannon (Columbus Crew) hit the top of the left post with a shot for the Sounders in the 11th that some thought had gone in, but  the officials didn't think so.

Megson opened the scoring for the Sounders in the 25th when Scott Jenkins, controlling the ball on the left side of the penalty area, crossed for Megson 12 yards out and Megson hit a low shot past Mayas goalkeeper Sergio Murguia.

A minute later Storkson stole the ball from a Mayas defender inside the Mayas penalty area. Storkson turned and beat Murguia with another low shot.

Troya Cowell assisted on the third goal at 33' when he advanced up the right side and sent in a cross to the far post. Megson's flying header from the corner of the goal area beat Murguia to the near post.
Halftime: Seattle 3 - 0 Mayas

Ricci Greenwood set up the final goal in the 60th when he beat a Mayas defender to a loose ball and passed to Barton, unmarked near the six-yard line. Barton redirected the pass into the wide-open goal.

Nick Kalafatich tried for a fifth goal from a 20-yard free kick at 89'. His shot was on goal but saved.

Final: Seattle 4 - 0 Mayas

Shots: SEA 10, Mayas 9
Saves: SEA 0, Mayas 3
Corners: SEA 4, Mayas 3
Fouls: SEA 24, Mayas 17
Offside: SEA 0, Mayas 2

14 A Cejudo (Mayas) cautioned
28 Mann (SEA) cautioned
29 Annicchero (SEA) cautioned
35 Mantoya (Mayas) cautioned
Referee: Mohammed Zarrabi-Kashani
Attendance: 750 (est)