1999 May 14

Orange County Zodiac 1 - 4 Seattle Sounders
Santa Ana Bowl, Santa Ana, CA

26 SEA: Baena (Russell)
39 SEA: Russell (Annicchero)
69 SEA: Baena (Russell)
86 SEA: Barton (Baena)
88 OC: Engesser

Orange County:  Mike Littman; Shawn Saunders (Martin Lippeas 63), Paul McDonnell (Mario Sanchez 45), Peter Lak, Brian Engesser; Ken Hesse, Brad Wilson, PJ Polowski, Rivers Guthrie; Steve Patterson (Eddie Soto75 ), Gustavo Leal (Mark Foster 75).

Seattle:  Preston Burpo; Bernie James, Jason Annicchero, Randy Mann, Craig Waibel; Peter Hattrup (Kieran Barton 68), Scott Jenkins, Troya Cowell (Shan Gaw 84); Erik Storkson, Ian Russell (Viet Nguyen 85), Mark Baena.

Based on a match report provided by the Sounders:

The Seattle Sounders defeated the Orange County Zodiac, 4-1, before 608 at the Santa Ana Bowl in Santa Ana, CA thanks to the combination of Mark Baena and Ian Russell. Baena scored two goals, with Russell adding one goal and two assists, as the Sounders nearly blanked the Zodiac. Baena, who has five goals in three matches, scored the first in the 26th minute, assisted by Russell. Russell, who played his best game as a Sounder, scored the match winner in the 39th minute.

With the third goal scored Baena in the 71st minute, assisted by Russell, Seattle was able to earn five points. Four points for the win in regulation, and one bonus point for scoring three goals. Sounders goalkeeper Preston Burpo lost the shutout when Brian Engesser scored for Orange County in the 88th minute.

"It's nice to come down to California and get five points from the Zodiac," said Sounders Head Coach Neil Megson. "Russell had an excellent game, his best in a Sounders uniform. However, we can't reflect to long on this victory with a big game at San Diego tomorrow."

With the victory Seattle improves to 3-0. Orange County falls to 3-4.

First Half Highlights:
4' OC- Wilson mishits a shot, Burpo makes an easy save.
10' SEA- Russell with space shoots high over the net.
13' SEA- Storkson header to Baena, Baena heads it over the net.
26' SEA- Russell with the ball and space, feeds Baena who is open in front of the goal. With the goalkeeper out of net, Baena is able to slide the ball underneath him for a goal. OC - 0, SEA - 1.
30' OC - Patterson shoots on goal, Burpo saves.
39' SEA- Annicchero header to Russell in the penalty area. Russell runs on and heads the ball to the upper left corner for a goal. OC -0, SEA - 2.

Second Half Highlights:
50' OC- Lak header with space in front of the net, Burpo makes the save.
66' OC- Wilson shot at the six-yard box. Jenkins block just outside the goal line saves a goal.
68' OC- Lak shot high over the net.
71' SEA- Russell collects the ball in the midfield, dribbles, collects two defenders on a two on two with Baena. Russell in the penalty box passes to a wide open Baena. Baena moves around the goalkeeper and deposits the ball in the empty net for a goal. OC - 0, SEA - 3.
76' SEA - freekick by Baena, Littman save.
85' SEA - a defensive mistake by Orange County gives Baena the ball inside the penalty area. Baena passes to an open Barton who is inside the penalty area. With the Orange County goalkeeper screened Barton's shot went into the goal. OC - 0, SEA- 4.
88' OC - Engesser scores on a long shot from 30 yards out that the Sounders goalkeeper Preston Burpo was screened on. OC -1, SEA - 4.

Shots: OC 14, SEA 9
Saves: Littman 2, Burpo 7
Corners: OC 5, SEA 1
Fouls: OC 14, SEA 5
Offsides: OC 0, SEA 5

27, Baena (SEA) cautioned for dissent
28' Mann (SEA) cautioned for unsporting behavior
34' Leal (OC) cautioned for unsporting behavior
39' Guthrie (OC) cautioned for unsporting behavior
58' Engesser (OC) cautioned for unsporting behavior
60' Lak (OC) cautioned for unsporting behavior

Referee: Joshua Patlak
Attendance: 608