1999 September 18

A-League playoffs, 2nd round, match 1:
San Diego Flash 6 - 0 Seattle Sounders
Douglas Stadium, San Diego

3' SD: Adair (Munro)
35' SD: Farias
52' SD: Farias (Cruz)
60' SD: Farias (Hetherington)
84' SD: Farias (PK)
87' SD: Allegre (Smith)

San Diego:  Kevin Rueda; Carlos Cruz, PJ Brown, Jamie Munro; Jerome Watson (Noah Gins 65), Carlos Farias, Nate Hetherington, Eric Chaisongkram (Anthony Farace 60), Kevin Legg; Antonio Robles (Mauricio Alegre 34), Chugger Adair (Brad Smith 71).

Seattle:  Bill May; Kieran Barton (Scott Jenkins 81), Jason Annicchero, Craig Waibel; Shan Gaw, Oliver Heald, Sean Henderson, Viet Nguyen (Peter Hattrup 46); Ian Russell, Erik Storkson (Ralph Robertson 31), Mark Baena (Randy Mann 81).

Match report by Ron Stickney, based on the radio broadcast

The Sounders' night went from bad to worse through the course of this match against the San Diego Flash, the opener in the playoff second-round best-of-3 series. Just three minutes in, ex-Sounder Chugger Adair scored after a Sounders defensive breakdown. Midway in the first half, Oliver Heald was sent off for a retaliatory, 2-footed tackle. It went downhill from there, as San Diego's top scorer, Carlos Farias, bagged a hat trick and added a fourth from a penalty kick. Mauricio Alegre closed the scoring to make it 6-0 San Diego, Seattle's worst playoff loss ever.

First Half

3' Adair (Munro). From 5 yards outside the penalty area, Jamie Munro sent in a cross for Adair. Defender Jason Annicchero thought the ball would be claimed by goalkeeper Bill May, but May didn't come out for it. Adair got between them to volley home from just outside the goal area. San Diego had scored from the first shot of the match. SD 1-0 SEA.

Antonio Robles earned the next shot, a 30-yarder that May pushed wide for a corner.

From a Seattle throw-in play, Annicchero headed the ball near goal for Erik Storkson, who couldn't get much velocity on his shot, and goalkeeper Kevin Rueda easily saved.

Nate Hetherington tried to chip in a ball that had been cleared by Seattle's defense and the shot just barely cleared the crossbar. From a San Diego free kick, May saved the shot but yielded a rebound. Adair bowled over Annicchero to put the loose ball in the net, but Adair was whistled for the foul on the play.

The Sounders chances took a turn for the worse in the 23rd minute. Robles was whistled for a nasty foul on Heald, and Robles would soon see the yellow card for it. Heald later claimed he didn't hear the whistle and thought the ball was still in play. Heald came in with a late, two-foted, hard challenge and was sent off for it. The incident was reminiscent of Heald's red card for retaliation on July 31 against San Francisco Bay, a match the short-handed Sounders saw turn from a win to a draw in the final 20 seconds of regulation.

From this point on, the Sounders would get few chances. Storkson headed another ball weakly on goal for Seattle's last chance of the half. At 31', Ralph Robertson came on for Storkson as coach Megson filled the hole in midfield vacated by Heald. This gave Seattle a 3-4-2 lineup after starting with three forwards.

35' Farias. San Diego weren't developing much of an attack, so Farias carried the ball forward and gave it a go from 25 yards out with a couple of defenders screening May's vision. The shot hit the lower, far corner of the goal. SD 2-0 SEA.

Right after the goal, San Diego pulled off Robles, who had drawn the retaliation from Heald. Alegre entered the pitch.

Halftime: San Diego 2 - 0 Seattle

Player-coach Peter Hattrup entered at the half, replacing Viet Nguyen in the midfield.

52' Farias (Cruz). Defender Carlos Cruz held the ball well in Seattle's penalty area and dropped a nice ball for Farias, who slotted the ball into the goal. Seattle had just sent numbers forward on an attack and got beat on the counter. SD 3-0 SEA.

Adair earned a good shot from a 3-on-2 break, but May was equal to the save.

Seattle's best chance came at 60' when Ian Russell drew the defender on a 2v1 break. Russell passed for the open Mark Baena in front of goal. Rueda's save was a sloppy one, letting the ball get behind him before collecting it.

60' Farias (Hetherington). On the counterattack from Baena's shot, Nate Hetherington carried the ball forward and dished it to Farias, who hit the upper left corner with his shot. Farias had earned a natural hat trick. SD 4-0 SEA.

San Diego kept May busy with shots on goal. Farias soon had another chance, from a half-volley, but May saved well. A San Diego corner kick produced a shot chipped in on goal and saved by May. Substitute Noah Gins put a shot at the upper left corner, forcing another May save.

Up for a Seattle set play, Annicchero was open at the 6-yard line for Shan Gaw's cross, but the shot was headed just over the bar.

84' Farias (PK). Annicchero's slide tackle of Brad Smith to the side of goal looked to the radio announcers that it got the ball first and was done fairly, but referee Kari Seitz whistled for a spot kick, which Farias put away for his fourth goal of the night. SD 5-0 SEA.

Seattle had one last shot when 'keeper Rueda lost the ball to Robertson, but the shot was stopped by a defender's chest.

87' Alegre (Smith). With the Sounders giving up on the play, Smith passed off to Alegre, alone at the spot, for the final goal. SD 6-0 SEA.

Final: San Diego 6 - 0 Seattle

Shots: SD 16, SEA 7
Saves: Rueda 3, May 5
Corners: SD 5, SEA 4
Fouls: SD 15, SEA 13
Offsides: SD 2, SEA 0

15' Barton (SEA) cautioned for a late foul on Adair
23' Robles (SD) cautioned for taking Heald down
23' Heald (SEA) sent off for a 2-footed retaliatory foul
28' Chaisongkram (SD) cautioned for taking down Nguyen

Referee: Kari Seitz; Asst. Refs: Nathan Lacey, Branko Vasitch; 4th official: Larry Guthrie
Attendance: 2,116