1999 June 18
Seattle Sounders Selects 1 - 1 Abbotsford 86ers (Seattle wins CrapShootout)
Renton Memorial Stadium, Renton, WA
87' ABB: Morris (Kashfia)
89' SEA: Provenza (PK)

SEA: James Dickinson; Jeff Whiting, Marcus Byeman, Travis Pozega, Mike Casale; Nick Downing, Joe Partridge (Dayo Oyetuga 60), Benjamin Somoza, Gabe Provenza; Chris Farnsworth, Jamie Bloomstine (Peter Bergford 56).

ABB: Drew Smiley; Geordie Lyall, Bobby Thornton, Keith Izatt; Cody Barker-Greene (Daniel Rogers 69), Mark Finian (Ray Mitchell 95), Aaron McHardy, Patrick Dickinson, Chris Jarvi (Ali Kashfia 56); Ken Strain (Simon Vickers 59), David Morris.

Match report from Ron Stickney:
The previous match between the Seattle Sounders Selects and the Abbotsford 86ers was an excellent match, and this one was a treat as well. In spite of some good chances by both sides, this match had nil-nil written all over it until each side committed a defensive mistake in the last 4 minutes of regulation. Goalkeeper James Dickinson let Ali Kashfia's tame shot slip through his arms and between his feet, and David Morris finished the sitter from one foot out, a shot his grandmother would have made. Then with a 1-0 lead and just over a minute on the countdown clock, Abbotsford defender Geordie Lyall inadvertently tripped Dayo Oyetuga just inside the right side of the penalty area. It wasn't a nasty foul, and Oyetuga wasn't about to score a goal, but a foul it was and Gabe Provenza converted the gift PK. After an overtime period filled with Abbotsford shots but absent of goals, the Selects won the USL-obligatory CrapShootout to take the odd point.

First Half

With just 27 seconds gone from the clock, Jamie Bloomstine nearly put the home side on the scoreboard when from the arc he curled a shot just barely around the right post. Chris Farnsworth had a chance at a Nick Downing cross when he slid in feet first to the 6-yard line, but he couldn't reach all of the ball. Farnsworth would be frustrated several more times this match, never quite able to reach the whole ball on his chances. Farnsworth would also take a beating this match, with opponents being cautioned twice for nastiness inflicted on Farnsworth.

For Abbotsford, Ken Strain had his first of several chances when he was found alone in front of goal by a cross. Strain tried to chip over the advancing Dickinson, but was wide of the far post.

20 minutes in, the skillful Gabe Provenza blasted a shot from the right corner of the penalty area that smacked the crossbar, rebounded down to just in front of the goal line, and jumped up and away with the spin.

Abbotsford looked best the rest of the half, as Aaron McHardy blasted the ball just over the bar from 15 yards, and two minutes later Morris did the same. Strain got alone with the ball in the area again and blasted a powerful shot on goal that the advancing Dickinson blocked with his gut, and it must have hurt. Cody Barker-Greene put the rebound back on goal from the right corner of the area, but Dickinson dove sideways to grab a low shot that would have gone inside the far post.

Halftime: Seattle Sounders Selects 0 - 0 Abbotsford 86ers

The Selects reclaimed the momentum in the second half. Jeff Whiting's shot from an Abbotsford clearance was just over. Substitute Oyetuga headed a throw-in on goal, saved by Drew Smiley.

For the 86ers, Morris chested down Barker-Greene's long cross just goalside of the arc and had only Dickinson to beat, but he missed badly with the shot.

Seattle came very close when substitute Peter Bergford headed on goal when an attempted clearance merely went from one post to the other. Smiley made the save of the match, leaping backwards to push the ball over the crossbar with one hand.

87' Morris (Kashfia). Substitute Kashfia's shot from the left corner of the penalty area appeared to be smothered as Dickinson dove forward onto it, but the ball slipped through Dickinson's arms, trickled between his feet, and rolled near the goal line. All Morris had to do was get there first, and he beat his marker to the sitter by half a step. Seattle 0 - 1 Abbotsford.

89' Provenze (PK). Oyetuga was tripped by Lyall just inside the right edge of the penalty area, giving Seattle a penalty kick with just over a minute left on the countdown clock. Provenza placed the spot kick perfectly, just inside the right post, as Smiley guessed the other way. Seattle 1 - 1 Abbotsford.

Regulation: Seattle Sounders Selects 1 - 1 Abbotsford 86ers

Two minutes into the 15-minute overtime period, Seattle's Benjamin Somoza took the first good shot, a 20-yarder that was just wide.

The rest of the overtime session was dominated by Abbotsford, as they got off 8 shots in the short period. From Patrick Dickinson's long free kick to the far post, Keith Izatt's header was just wide of his nearest post. McHardy's 15-yarder from the right side rolled past Dickinson and rolled slowly by the far post. From Morris' diagonal drop pass, Ray Mitchell just missed the top near corner. Eight shots in 15 minutes, but no goals.

Final: Seattle Sounders Selects 1 - 1 Abbotsford 86ers


Shots: SEA 14, ABB 19
Saves: Dickinson 6, Smiley 3
Corners: SEA 2, ABB 2
Fouls: SEA 20, ABB 20
Offside: SEA 2, ABB 1