1999 June 4
Yakima Reds 2-1 Seattle Sounders Selects
Marquette Stadium, Yakima, WA
10 YAK: Carey
54 SEA: Vega
61 YAK: ?

Match report from the Selects staff:
If you are a Selects fan, your best shot is to ignore this match.  With the exception of Mike Casale, Gabe Provenza, Dayo Oyetuga, Chris Farnswoth and Travis Pozega, the rest of the team seemed to take the night off.  The Reds always had plenty of bodies behind the ball, and counterattacked effectively.  The match was not helped by three bizarre officiating decisions that left the players from both sides, as well as the fans in the stands, gasping.

5th minute:  A hard cross to Joe Partridge results in a shot, just wide.

7th minute:  Yakima’s star, Jake Sagare, goes one on one with the Selects Jonas Tanzer.  Tanzer makes the save and Sagare limps off for the balance of the match.

10th minute:  On a free kick from 25 yards, Jeff Carey sends the ball into the net for the first goal of the evening. The 15-yard wall in the USL is making a difference on set pieces. Yakima 1, Selects 0.

20th minute:  A cross from the right wing by Farnsworth to Somoza results in a nice save by the Reds goalkeeper.

30th minute:  Another cross by Farnsworth to Gradilla is headed just wide.

32nd minute:  A well struck free kick by Farnsworth goes straight to the Keeper.

49th minute:  A goal-mouth scramble in front of the Selects goal produces no shots but a few heart-stopping seconds.

51st minute:  The Reds goalie, out of the box, brings down Selects forward Joe Partridge in a direct, vicious manner.  To everyone on the field as well as in the stands, this is a clear red card offense.  As the Selects players, coaches and bench go crazy, the referee doesn’t even give a foul!  Partridge eventually gets up and limps away.  An astonishing non-call.

54th minute:  In what most considered a make-up call, the Selects are awarded a phantom penalty kick, based upon a phantom foul on a phantom Selects player.  Joe Vega calmly strokes it home.  Yakima 1, Seattle 1.

61st minute:  In yet another bewildering display of game calling, the referee awards a penalty kick against Seattle.  All 22 players look around to see who might have been fouled by whom.  Nobody seemed to know.  Yakima 2, Selects 1.

Though Dayo created some chances for the Selects in the last half-hour, solid defending by Yakima, coupled with quick, opportunistic counter-attacks, kept the well-earned victory with the Reds.

Referee:  Nameless.

Attendance:  421

       Fouls  Offside  Corners  Shots  Saves 
Yakima   27     4         6      15      4
Seattle  23     1         3       9      7