1999 June 5
Spokane Shadow 4-1 Seattle Sounders Selects
Joe Albi Stadium, Spokane, WA
3 SPO: Rose (Hampton)
21 SPO: Brown (Rose)
36 SEA: Bloomstine
51 SPO: Brown
70 SPO: Faridnia (Enemuo)

Match report from the Selects staff:
What’s the one thing you don’t want to see on the road with a number of key players out besides a Spokane team?  A Spokane team with plenty of depth in front of a large, enthusiastic home crowd.

The Selects were without four, Division I college starters, including U20 National Team member Nick Downing (as if this isn’t enough, next weekend will see SIX Selects playing for the Washington State Under 23 team and therefore not available for action!).  Without Downing, Casale, Farnsworth and Gradilla, the Selects lose some class, and also some confidence.  Unlike the night before in Yakima, however, the Selects battled hard throughout much of the match.  Unfortunately, an early goal and a goalkeeper mistake on Spokane’s third goal put the match out of reach.

3rd minute:  Maybe a little stiff, sore and tired from the night before, Selects defenders were caught flat-footed as Jeff Rose and Craig Hampton executed a little give and go in the box and shot low past Keeper Dickenson.  Spokane 1, Selects 0.

14th minute:  Jeff McAllister of Spokane hit a dipper from the top of the box, well saved by Dickenson.

21st minute:  Chad Brown, with seemingly hours to set up, cracks a shot from 22 yards that sails in over Dickenson’s outstretched arms.  Spokane 2, Selects 0.

36th minute:  After a number of minutes of good possession by the Selects, a goal mouth scramble is roofed into the net from close range by player-assistant coach Bloomstine.  Spokane 2, Selects 1.

38th minute:  On an errant back pass, Partridge nips in to shoot from close range, well saved by Spokane's goalie.

39th minute:  Continuing their excellent pressure, high-school phenom Dayo Oyetuga has his shot slightly deflected into the far post.

49th minute:  The ever-dangerous Jeff McAllister lobs over Selects Keeper Dickenson, who scrambles back to save.

51st minute:  On a Spokane free kick from 20 yards, Chad Brown rips a shot straight at Dickenson.  Rather than tip the ball over the net, Dickenson tries to handle.  The ball rolls through his fingers into the net.  Spokane 3, Selects 1.

69th minute:  Left alone with plenty of space, Andy Smith for the Selects shoots wide right.

70th minute:  The goal of the season, so far!  Abbas Faridnia of Spokane takes a pass from Simeon Enemuo and bends a shot, with great pace, around a group of defenders and into the “upper V” of the far post.  Great goal.  Spokane 4, Selects 1.


         Fouls  Offside  Corners  Shots  Saves
Spokane    11      4        8       18     2
Seattle    15      1        7       18     8

Referee:  Kevin O’Brien

Attendance:  1,407

SIDEBAR:  Kevin O’Brien did his usual, excellent good job of refereeing, a welcome change from the night before.  Isn’t it time Kevin moved up a notch or two in Ref World?  Also, the Spokane Shadow Day of Game production continues to get better and better.  The 1,400+ fans were entertained by a halftime paper airplane promotion hosted by United Airlines.