WESTERN LOCATIONS (except California)
Updated 01 September 2004

Mount Vernon
El Gitano Restaurant, Riverside Drive
Joseph Hoffman writes, "I can catch a soccer game on their wide screen TV in the bar.  Sometimes a game will be on, other times I have had to ask to change the channel and find a game.  Their satellite dish picks up games from South America."

George and Dragon, 206 N. 36th, 206.545.6834.
Subscribes to Setanta Sports Premier League Package.

Johnny Mango's, Westlake Ave. at 7th.
Phil Honeywell, writes:  They show all games that are on ESPN worldwide and they show most games that are on Fox Sports World.

Kells, 1916 Post Alley (at Pike Place Market between Stewart & Virgina Streets), 206.728.1916.
Home of the Charlie Tully Celtic Supporters Club, established in 1997.

Russ Campbell maintains a list of soccer-friendly pubs in the area.

R.T. O'Sullivan's II, 1010 West Southern Ave., 602.844.1290
Jeff Tavano writes: They are very willing to show soccer, and show matches on ESPN / ESPN2, as well as Fox Sports World. I believethey carried the Setanta package last season.

George and Dragon, 4240 North Central Ave., 602.241.0018

Las Vegas
Crown and Anchor, 702.739.0281
Has shown soccer in the past.

Special thanks to Dan Zirin for his exhaustive research on pubs in the Denver area!


El Trapiche is a Colombian restaurant located at 15355 E. Colfax Ave. (303-340-5858) and has shown 2003 Confederations Cup matches on Galavision.


Conor O'Neill's located at 1922 13th Street (303-449-1922) brings in TVs to show English Premier League matches (TVs not available at other dates/times).

Lazy Dog Sports Grill located at 2880 Diagonal Hwy (303-440-3355) seems to be an excellent Boulder option for soccer fans.


Aztec Sol located at 2219 W. 32nd Avenue about a block east of Zuni in downtown Denver (west side of I-25, exit Speer west, right/north on Zuni, and right/east on 32nd). Very friendly for soccer fans (even has kits hanging from the ceiling from Mexico, Rapids, and Europe clubs). Call Francisco for more details at 303-256-0787 (serves food and drink). Strongly Recommended!

Croc's Mexican Grill located at 1630 N. Market Street in lower downtown Denver. This location has been used by the Rapids front office and River Ratz for TV viewing parties in the back room. Make sure you call ahead and ask for either Mark or Doug (303-436-1144).

Fadó Irish Pub (also has it's own web site) located at 1735 19th Street in lower downtown (LoDo) behind The Chophouse directly next to Coors Field. While they refuse to show MLS or Rapids matches, this place does show FA Cup Premiership matches, Euro2000, and other European footy for a cover charge. Bad news if there's a home Rockies game anywhere near the time you want to watch Futbol (they will refuse to show anything but baseball). (303) 297-0066

El Rey Mexican Grill & Seafood Bar located at 1705 N. Federal Blvd (2 blocks from Mile High Stadium). Call restaurant GM Fermin Lopez at 303-480-0470 for directions (no reservations). They have paid for Pay-Per-View of all Mexico matches in the 1999 Copa America. Unlikely to show english language broadcast TV sports. 1-2 large screens (depending on event) and a few 17" TVs. Map not provided by US West phone directory so please enter the address at MapQuest.Com for exact directions.

Streets of London Pub located at 1502 E. Colfax Avenue just north of Cheesman Park on Capitol Hill. Recommended by a BIGSoccer poster as a great place that either has soccer on when you come or will gladly put it on by request. Some food items also served. Very smoky small pub (303-861-9103).

Fort Collins

Jackson Sports Grill , 925 E Harmony Rd, 970-229-0017

Sullivan's Tavern
located at 820 City Park Ave. (970-498-9414) is reported as being reasonably friendly towards soccer patrons with interested wait staff.


Jackson's Hole in the city of Lakewood (suburb 10 miles west of Denver) is a family oriented sports grill and has been one of the River Ratz hangouts showing Rapids soccer located at 675 N. Kipling St (6th Ave freeway and Kipling). Call 303-238-3000 for directions (ask for Phil or Ron). Can be smoky at times.


Druid Arms at 809 Main Street has been known to host PPV EPL matches early in the morning. Call 303-661-0721 for more information.


Damon's Club House located inside the Holiday Inn at 10 E. 120th Ave. subscribes to Fox Sports World for patrons. Call 303-280-1559 for more information.


The Altitude Club in Vail has purchased the MLS Shootout Package for patrons in 2000. When you're up spring skiing, mountain biking, or just spending some time on the west slope, stop in for a game. Altitude Billiards & Sports Club is located at 250 S. Frontage Road West (make sure you ask for bar keep Pete Mott at 970-479-6137).

Bars With Isolated Rooms

While the below locations have not shown a direct interest in helping the soccer fan, they do have special accomodations that feature an extra room (either partially or completely isolated) for watching two sporting events with audio at the same time. In some cases, they may ask a fee to open the extra room so call ahead for exact details (and make sure the side room isn't already reserved).

Lazy Dog at 4100 E Mexico Ave.  Isolated room seats 100. 303-300-6666

Denver, LoDo (Lower Downtown)
Old Chicago at 1415 N Market St.
Side-bar area that can accomodate 50-75 with 1 big screen. Very close to the Pepsi Center and Coors Field so competition will be versus baseball, basketball, and hockey. 303-893-1806

Jackson's Hole at 1520 W 20th Street in LoDo
Right across from Coors Field so don't bother if soccer is opposite a Rockies home game (too crowded even for the side rooms to be used for soccer). A mid-bar area that holds 100 people with 2 big screens and a private party room in the back that will also accomodate 150. 303-295-1384.

Jackson's Hole in the Thornton Town Center (10001 N Grant).  
Isolated room seats 100. 303-457-2100

Bars That Put Up With Soccer As A Last Resort

The reason the below establishments disrespect soccer is because you let them! While we strongly encourage you frequent the above locations first, location and time sometimes warrant visiting one of the below speak-easys. Don't let these places push you around. Be polite and insist on better treatment. The pathetic state of Denver's sports bars will never change if you stay home and watch your satellite. Get out and fight the good fight!

Old Chicago at 8711 N Wadsworth Blvd

Old Chicago at 16990 E Iliff Ave

Old Chicago at 1102 Pearl

Dave & Buster's at 1940 S. Colorado Blvd.

Jackson's Hole at 990 S Oneida

Old Chicago at 1280 S Colorado Blvd

Jackson's Hole at 4948 S Yosemite

Bull & Bush at 4300 Cherry Creek S. Dr. This is embarrassing. An English pub that is anti-soccer based on two test visits. Has an alternate address at 760 S. Dexter but it's the same place.

Old Chicago at 3550 S Wadsworth Blvd

Old Chicago at 7961 S Broadway

Red & Jerry's located at S Santa Fe at 1840 W Oxford

Old Chicago at 3909 E 120 Ave

Old Chicago at 8711 Wadsworth Blvd

Legends Sports Pub, 411 Nahua Street (Waikiki), 808.922.7486.

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