1999 May 15

San Diego Flash 2-0 Seattle Sounders
Farias (SD) 15 (PK), Hetherington (SD) 67.

San Diego:  Rueda; N'Doumbe (Phillips 13), Brown, Munro; Farias, Hetherington, Chaisongkram (Legg 77), Watson (Gins 79), Farace; Robles, Dumitru (Adair 45).

Seattle:  Burpo; James, Annicchero, Mann, Waibel; Megson (Storkson 45), Barton (Hattrup 56), Jenkins, Gaw (Cowell 56); Baena (Nguyen 70), Russell.

Match report provided by the Sounders

The Seattle Sounders suffered their first loss of the season, losing 2-0 to the San Flash before 2,785 at Douglas Stadium in San Diego, CA.  The Sounders had an uphill battle from the start, playing their second of back-to-back matches against a top Western Conference A-League team.  Seattle's attempt to play a defensive game changed, after giving up the first goal to Carlos Farias in the 15th minute.  The Sounders chances to reverse things were hampered by Seattle losing two players to red cards.  Sounders players Jason Annicchero (63rd minute) and Randy Mann (68th minute) both received red card ejections, which resulted in Seattle being down to 9 players.  San Diego scored their second goal, after Mann received his second yellow
card. Nate Hetherington scored a back breaking goal in the 67 minute directly as an aftermath of the Mann ejection.  San Diego scored their first goal on a penalty kick.  Sounders defender Bernie James had a hand ball in the penalty box area in the 14th minute that resulted in the penalty kick.  In a tough physical game, the Sounders were given a team record 7 yellow

15':  Seattle's Bernie James was called for handball in the penalty area.  Farias converts the penalty kick underneath a diving Preston Burpo.
30':  James' clearing attempt hit a San Diego player and bounced to Dimitru, who was in the penalty area and shot over the net.
32':  Burpo saved on a close-in shot from Farias.
38':  Russell set Baena free just outside the area, but the ball takes a bad bounce and Baena lost control.

50':  Baena's shot from the just inside the area goes just wide.
65':  Annichero received his second yellow card.  The free kick from Farias after the foul was wide of the net.
67':  Mann's hard foul on Farace resulted in his ejection.  Following the free kick Seattle failed to clear out of the defensive end, leaving Heatherington with the ball.  His low hard shot makes no mistake and beats Burpo to his left.
70':  Adair missed a sitter, pushing the ball wide left.
76':  Farias hits the post from 18 yards.

       Seattle San Diego
Shots     3      15
Saves     2       0
Fouls    25      19
Offsides  3       0
Corners   1       4
Cautions  7?      2

12 Megson (SEA) cautioned
18 Barton (SEA) cautioned
39 Mann (SEA) cautioned
39 Dumitru (SD) cautioned
58 Annicchero (SEA) cautioned
63 Annicchero (SEA) cautioned for the second time and sent off
68 Mann (SEA) cautioned for the second time and sent off
71 Chaisongkram (SD) cautioned

Referee: Miguel Chicas, Asst. Ref: Branko Vasich, Asst Ref: Kia Dehpanah, Fourth Official: Naaim Abbasi