2003 Apr 23

From today's Sounders Select Women news release:

Sounders Women Sign Eight Players From Last Year

(Seattle, WA) - The Seattle Sounders Women's team today announced the signing of eight players from last year's team.

Jodi Campbell, Nikki Gamble, Joanie Gerpheide, Meghan Miller, Brenda Mueller, Janelle Munnis, Rachel Rodrick and Haley Van Blommestein are the eight that have been recently signed.

Gerpheide, Munnis and Mueller are three veteran players that the team relied heavily last year for leadership as well as goals. Mueller and Munnis combined for 16 of the 27 goals the team scored while Joanie shored up the defense.

"Keeping the core of players from one year to the next is very important for a team's success," says Sounder Women coach Dick McCormick.

Campbell, Gamble, Rodrick and Van Blommestein started every game last year for the Sounders in the midfield. "The work rate of these midfielders is amazing, these four girls are all pretty young so I would imagine this year they will even be stronger." McCormick said.

Miller was one of the league leading goalies and gives the Sounders the physical presence in the back.

With the core of the team returning for the 2003 season, the Sounders Women look poised to improve on their playoff quarterfinal finish last season.

The Sounders women start their home schedule against the Arizona Heat wave on May 18th at 2:00 pm in Seahawks Stadium.

For more information on the Sounder women visit www.sounderwomen.net or call 206 622.3415.